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Greek City States Prezi

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Eddie Walsh

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Greek City States Prezi

Greek City States Goal: We will learn about the various economies, social systems, use of religion, and politics of different city-states. Sparta Patron god: Ares (god of war)
Geographic location: inland
Economy: depended on farming and taking from neighboring city-states
Education: boys-sent to barracks at 7; trained to fight, lie, cheat, and steal
girls- trained at home; taught to fight
Role of women: head of household, could run businesses, free to move without permission
Government: oligarchy (rule of very few elite)
Claim to fame: legendary warriors Corinth Patron god: Poseidon (god of the sea)
Geographic location: coastal
Economy: trade based, had their own coinage
Education: boys- studied arts, math, and science from 7 to 14, could go to 'high school' if they could afford it, 2 years required military service at 18
girls- kept at home
Role of women: property of men, ran the household
Government: monarchy (king with advisers)
Claim to fame: thriving business and cultural center Megara Patron god: Apollo (god of sun, music, poetry, and more!)
Geographic location: coastal
Economy: trade based, had their own coinage
Education: boys- taught by male slaves in the household, similar education to Corinth (2 years required military)
girls- kept at home
Role of women: ran the household, property of men
Government: democracy (rule by many)
Claim to fame: founded Byzantium (modern day Istanbul), produced desired textiles Athens Argos Patron god: Hera (goddess of marriage and family)
Geographic location: inland, on a plain
Economy: trade/farming mix
Education: similar to Corinth, Athens, etc.. (girls stay home)
Role of women: property of men
Government: monarchy (king with advisers)
Claim to fame: stone sculptures, may have invented coinage in Greece
*Also remembered for choosing not to help Greece ward off Perisa Greece's northern borders: -various independent kingdoms and peoples (most noticeable Macedonia)
-initially weren't a big threat, but this would change throughout Greek history (there's a reason the name Alexander is still in use) Things in common with all the city states: -all spoke Greek
-there were over 150 city states
-explored and colonized the Aegean Sea
-worshiped the same gods, goddess, and deities (a being with supernatural powers - usually divine/holy)
-many were unified in the Delian League (like the United Nations/European Union today)
-people identified with their city-state; not as Greek (are you an Illinoian or American?) Patron god: Athena (goddess of wisdom)
Geographic location: central location, not far from the coast
Economy: trade/farming mix
Education: boys- educated until 7 at home, 7-14 at day school (drama, music, poetry, math), 14 to 18 'high school' (math, science, government), 2 years military service
girls- kept at home (seeing a theme here?)
Role of women: property of men, ran households
Government: democracy
Claim to fame: renowned for arts, drama, poetry, science, and math The Persian Empire -the world's biggest super power
-very diverse population
-stretched from modern day Turkey through Egypt and into India But first! Who bordered the Greek city- states? Greece's Mediterranean Neighbors -Greek city-states interacted with peoples from:
- present day Europe (ex: Etruscans and eventually Romans)
- Phoenicians (founders of Carthage)
- and other peoples from present day North Africa and the Middle East Your job! -you are creating your own Greek city-state
-on your worksheet, you will circle your choices for the following categories:
*a name for your city-state
*a patron god
*a type of government (democracy, oligarchy, tyranny)
*a geographic location (inland or coastal)
*what your education would emphasize (math/science, the arts, or war)
-answer the following questions with 2-3 sentences for each category!
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