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Charles Manson

Charles Manson, while he did not directly kill them, is responsible for the death of 7 people. We learn more about how he came to be the man he was on that summer night in 1969.

Blake Huffman

on 30 September 2010

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Transcript of Charles Manson

Charles Manson named illiterate at the age of 17 retested at 21 to come to an iq of 121 hung around with people called the manson family they worshiped him "No Name Maddox" When he was born, his mother didnt name him right away. His mother was 16 She didnt care for him and tried to trade him for a jug of beer to a woman working in a pizza parlor. when she had him. When she finally named him, he was given the name Charles Miles Maddox. He did not get the surname Manson until his mother remarried
a man named William Manson. The "family" went to stay at the Spahn Ranch until it burned down shortly before the murders. During the fire, the girls of the family would dance around and sing and laugh and chant "Helter Skelter is coming down!" Manson was a visionary killer Believed that the Beatles song lyrics prophecied the end of the world. He believed that this armageddon was to be called Helter Skelter Helter Skelter is actually a tower you would see at fair grounds with a spiral slide around it that people would slide down on mats. Manson thought that if he started a war between the whites and the blacks that he would bring on helter skelter. Tate/La Bianca Murders He was named a rehabilitated youth in the Indianna newspaper After his mother was incarcerated for robbery he was shuffled off to various relatives. After his mother was released from prison, they were breifly reunited until he went off to live his adult life. Of the five Tate murder victims, all were stabbed and two were hung.

One of the two was carrying a baby, Sharon Tate.

All the bodies had multiple stab wounds and were probibly dead before
their attackers stopped stabbing them.

On the walls of the living room were words written in blood.

DeaTh TO PiGs RIsE and on the refridgerator was written HelTer SKeltER,
all in blood.

On the front door, the word pig was written in Sharon Tates' blood.

"Pig" meant rich white person in this case and was a popular word for black
people to call white folks that they didnt like. His mother did not name him before or shortly after he was born.
He did not get a name until he was almost three months old. Though manson did not directly kill the 7 murder victims, 8 if you count Sharon Tates' unborn baby, he did order the girls of the family to go do it for him. And partly because manson had that much influence over the family, and partly because they dropped acid every day of their lives, they obeyed his orders and "made it look witchy".

Because manson had these different beliefs and because if he had not ordered the Manson family to go commit the Tate murders, they would not have happened.

Charles had not even gone to the Tate house but he did go to the La Bianca house and tell the victims what was to happen to them. When the La Biancas were murdered, they were chosen by chance, the family was searching for some more victims to blame on the blacks.

At 12:30 the Manson family tied up Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Charles had told the LaBiancas that they were going to die and then walked out of the house to leave no fingerprints.

When they were finished with the slaying, the manson family ate watermellon on the La Bianca lawn, to make it seem more plausible that black people commited the crimes. The family had taken showers, ate and drank the La Biancas food, and then the women actually dressed in Rosemarys clothes after they were done killing them.

The word WAR was carved into Leno La Biancas abdomen with a bitcher knife.

Rosemary La Bianca was stabbed over 40 times when she tried to fight back as she heard the family killing her husband. After the family commmited the murders they were in the papers so Charles decided to lay low.

He ordered the family to search for the entrance to an underground city that he interpreted from Revelation Chapter 21 mixed with a legend told by a local tribe.

He was convinced that this underground city was in Death Valley, and wanted his family and he to hide there until the Helter Skelter race war was over.

They would be arrested two months later. The Manson Family went to Barker Ranch in Death Valley while looking
for the secret underground city.

In October of 1969, two months after the Tate/La Bianca murders, Barker Ranch was raided by police and park rangers.

Manson and many other family members were arrested for destroying an earthmover owned by Death Valley National Monument.

Several family members involved in the murders, including Tex Watson and Linda Kasabain, had already fled the state.

It would take a couple of months to finally connect the Manson Family to the Tate/La Bianca murders.

Charles Manson was found hiding under the bathroom sink of the ranch, and was only found because his hair was sticking out of the cabinet door. Charles Maddox Manson is still alive and will be 76 on November 12th.

He's still being held in San Quentin Penitentiary, where he has been deneid parole several times.
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