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No description

Erica C

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of SEVENLY

people matter

Sevenly Apparel
All Sevenly apparel is designed, manufactured and printed in Los Angeles, California. All Sevenly Apparel is printed on high quality, fair trade, tag-less apparel which is either 100% cotton, poly/cotton mix, poly/cotton/viscose or tri-blend fabric. All that means...RIDICULOUSLY COMFORTABLE!
Sevenly's facility is a WRAP Certified Facility (Worldwide Responsible Accreditation Production). Which means their facility requires not only clean ethical cotton field and sweat-shop-free-manufacturing, but also quarterly inspections of healthy workplace standards, and environmentally friendly products (sevenly.org, 2013)
Why Sevenly?
Sevenly believes "people matter". "There is no greater calling than to provide, heal, rescue and serve others. Ultimately, our desire is to move a generation toward generosity and an intentional love for other."(Sevenly.org2013)

What is Sevenly?
Sevenly, is a for-profit organization, with weekly cause campaigns. Every week (for 7days) Sevenly partners with a non-profit organization to create unique art and limited edition apparel and accessories. For ever product sold on Sevenly.org for 7 days, $7 is donated to the charity.
Who is Sevenly?
Sevenly was created in 2011 by two young entrepreneurs Dale Patridge and Aaron Chavez. Their mission was to lead a generation toward generosity. With that thought in mind, on June 13th, 2011 Sevenly was born in Costa Mesa, California.
Why only $7?
$7 per each item is more than 25% of the companies total revenue. For every item sold, Sevenly donates $7 cash every time! If 1,000 shirts are sold (roughly $28,000 in total sale) $7,000 cash is donated to the weeks one non-profit organization. All other revenue from sales goes to funding the company and its internal expenses (i.e. fair trade blank apparel, machine costs, staff fees, accounting fees, shipping bags, ect.)
Sevenly Past Campaings
Paired with Virgin mobile to help address youth homelessness

Mercy Ships
Brings hope and healing to the forgotten poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide.

Feed My Starving Children
strives to eliminate starvation in children worldwide.

National Autism Association

The Stand for the Silent
Program addresses the issue of school bullying.
4 Paws for Ability
Mission to place quality service dogs with children disabilities and veterans who have lost the use of limbs or hearing/vision.

Polaris Project
leading organization in the global fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery.

Forward Edge
Forward Edge international exists to bring lasting solutions to those affected by poverty, disaster and sickness in the US and around the world.
For more, visit
Apparel Prices
Cause & Charity T-shirts
women's T's $24
men's T's $24
kids T's $28
dinner with friends... or an AWESOME shirt...?
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