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Darfur Genocide

No description

Sophie Luu

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Darfur Genocide

Darfur Genocide: Who was involved? Hello! We're a government backed group, generally known as the Janjaweed, who have turned against our people. Sudan Air forces (SAF) and the Sudan Government (Of course) + + = they've committed killings, rapes, and destruction of towns and villages. The two largest rebel groups as victims of this genocide Sudan Liberation Army And other Sudan Liberation Movements Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) As you can SEE, we're ALL pretty violent! + Important Backround info Though it is rich in oil, a natural resource mainly located in the south, the region is still desperately improvised. Political Power is centralized in the north. A small group of Arabic-speaking Muslims yield political power for the most part in the capital city of Khartoum. Dip your toe in some facts The northern African country of Sudan is Africa’s biggest country. It has some 41 million people and a land area that represents more than 8 percent of the African continent. It is one of the most diverse populations in Africa, which is divided by religion, ethnicity, tribal differences, and economic disparities. How did the genocide even get started? Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) and Justice and Equality Movement (JEM): Launched attack against government to fight against the political and economic demotion in Darfur. Sudan Liberation Army Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) + Systematically, the Sudanese military targeted ethnic groups from which the rebels received much of their support. 2003 : The government of Sudan responded to the ongoing rebellion by beginning a genocidal campaign. Plus,Civil Wars have been ongoing in the past century! 1956: Civil war involving Islamic central government in the north & largely Christian and Animist population in the south. This war ended by the Addis Ababa Agreement of 1972. 1900 2000 1980's: Sudanese’s People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) called for Sudan to become a multi-ethnic, cultural, and religious state. Mid century 1989: The overthrow of the Sudanese government was led by President Omar al-Bashir.

Under his leadership, the militia group often bombed civilians and forcibly cleared civilian arrest to facilitate oil exploration. 2000 Mid century 2005 1900 From 1983-2005: Civil War for 22 years
2 million Sudanese were killed during the war Civilians remain at risk of attack by Sudan Air Force planes, soldiers of Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and their allied Janjaweed militias. Over 300,000 civilians killed total (and it’s still going on). Over 3 million Darfuris displaced. Innocent men, women, and children were victimized to killings, rapes, and destruction of towns and villages. Hundreds of thousands fled WESTWARD to neighboring Chad. Ceasefire:
Declared in 2004 Arrival of African Union (A.U.) troops in Darfur failed to stop the violence though. January 2005: Signing of first Comprehensive peace Agreement (CPA) finally ended Sudanese civil war between North and South, but there was still conflict. July 2007 UN authorized to deploy troops January 2011: SPLM (Sudan’s People’s Liberation Movement) and Government of Sudan signed Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). Sudan Liberation Army + Government of Sudan = What has happened up to this point: What remains unresolved: border demarcation and oil disagreements. United Nations-African Union peacekeeping force (UNAMID) in Darfur placed an underfunded and unequipped African Union peacekeeping. 1.9 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) live in large camps across Darfur or in Chad. The government increasingly obstructed humanitarian organizations. Women living in IDP’s face…. limited access to aid

Gender based violence (GBV)

Justified to cultural and religious taboos Often these go unreported. Why isn't it
stopping?! Conflicts of Sudan’s armed forces and rebel groups threaten food supplies and famine like conditions limit any ability to recover. Preventing Genocide!!!!! WE can try to persuade OUR OWN government to
look out for our interests by... . Getting the Mass Media involved. can speak up about it and spread the word when the signs of genocide appear. (before the actual genocide happens!) Consider this quote: “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It somewhat relates to the Domino Theory: If one country fell under communist interest or control, it’s neighboring countries will too. Similar to the Domino Theory, genocide doesn’t affect only one area, it affects the people in the country surrounding it and the justice of the world. Like with:
Abyei Rests on the border between Sudan and South Sudan. Invaded by SAF in May 2011: displaced 113,000 people. Discrimination based on political identity and invaded the state. Because of the Darfur conflict. Our Message that we
want you
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