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Green Building

Global Design Seminar

Rachel Crosscombe

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Green Building

Green Building Definition: The practice of creating structures using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout the buildings life. 3 Main Types
Sustainable Design Natural Buildings Green Architecture The Green Building Movement Elements have always existed
Green buildings built since 1970's
Photovoltaic energy discovered in late 1800's
Used in small scale solar panels in 1950's
Still a very new concept Green Roofs A roof that is fully or partially covered with vegetation.
Also includes solar panel roofs and roofs with ponds that collect greywater
Has many environmental and financial benefits
In some cultures has existed for many years
Toronto law requires all industrial buildings to have 10% or 2000 square meters of their roofs green
All residential buildings over 6 storeys have to have green roofs as well Roof of the Canadian war museum in Ottawa Grass roof on a church in Iceland Approx. 1000 year old viking hut in Newfoundland Living Roof Flooring Plastic vinyl composition tile is better than linoleum and recycled-content ceramic tile
Lots of carpets and carpet cushions are made from recycled materials
Carpet cushion saves from needing to replace carpet as often Windows and Doors Plastic doors last a long time
Caulking around windows and doors prevent heat loss
Vinyl windows last a long time and reduce mold
Low maintenance eliminates needs for paints, stains, remover and thinner Electricity and Plumbing Wires are coated in vinyl
Pipes are made of plastic
Increases life of wires and pipes Some things to Remember Plastics although they last longer still are not very good for environment
Green building both helps the environment and saves money long term
When in doubt, plant things
Who knows what the future holds By Rachel Crosscombe Activity Design a green building (house, school, office etc)
Include and label some of the green elements I talked about

Hand it into me when you are done. Living Walls Walls with plants growing on them
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