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Are humans beautiful or brutal?

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aoife o

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Are humans beautiful or brutal?

It's horrible when bad things happen. Shootings and terrorist attacks claim many lives. It makes us think. Why do these things happen. But also remember that bad times can show us how beautiful humanity can be.

Its horrible when disaster strikes. Whether its an act of violence or nature, these events can still reveal to us the full capacity of the goodness of ordinary people. For example, when an earthquake devastates another country. Many will put together funds and organizations to help support those in need. There are many more acts of kindness that people perform.
Another example of the beauty in humanity in the Book Thief is when the Hubermanns save Max Vandenburg from capture. Max is in a dire situation. He is a Jew who will be captured if he does not hide from the Gestapo. The Hubermanns take him in, and risk their own safety. They all go to great lengths to keep Max safe. Even though Max's father save Hans's life, Hans did not have to take Max in. He did it because he knew it was the right thing to do.

These actions show the beauty in humanity. The Hubermanns had everything to lose and nothing to gain by keeping Max. But instead they saved him. Amongst all the bad things happening in Germany, they decided to risk everything to help a man in a dire situation. And there were many more families just like this! Willing to help the helpless, proving that kindness lives within people.

I think Rudy is the perfect example of beauty in the human race. Some, like Death, may believe that people destroy each other, and that may be true. But I think that evil is made and not born. Initially, most people begin as innocent children. And nothing captures this better than Rudy and his obsession with Jesse Owens, the black American sprinter. Rudy cannot comprehend why certain people are German society's definition of "inferior." The thing that makes Rudy so unique is that he does not feel the need to comply to his society's ridiculous racism. This is very present when Rudy speaks to his father about antisemitism.
When Rudy gave the Allied pilot the teddy bear, I thought that was the perfect example of human beauty. As the "enemy" pilot was dying, Rudy gave him a teddy bear as comfort in his last moments. This scene was truly touching. Rudy is just a kid and yet, he can sympathize with this dying soldier who is the "enemy." He just wants to offer the man some comfort while he is dying, a man he does not know and just bombed his country.

This highlights again that the human race is not naturally evil. It is astonishing that such a young boy like Rudy can understand that its nice to have some comfort in your dying moments. That's all he wanted to offer the pilot. And it was what he needed.
A real life example of the beauty of humanity is the Peace Corps. Many young people give us 2+ years of their lives to leave their country and help other in developing countries. They have to leave everything they know behind. And they do it to help others.

The idea of helping those less fortunate than us is one of the most redeeming qualities of the human race. When people volunteer for programs like this it really helps many others who are living in poverty in less well-off countries.
Humans are Beautiful
Aoife O'Brien
I can see why some might argue that the human race is brutal. But I feel like people get so caught up in all the bad things, they fail to notice the good things. It's true that people can destroy each other. But they usually don't. If you look around, you'll see all the little good deeds that subtly point out the beauty of the human race. I bet that for every act of destruction or "brutality" that people commit, there are a thousand little good deeds happening simultaneously. We just don't always notice. And that's the real beauty in humans.
In the Book Thief, we see that people can do amazing and horrible things. Death seems to believe that humans are brutal. He says, "I am haunted by humans." Are humans really all that brutal? I do not think so. I believe that the human race is beautiful because of it's ability to rise from the ashes, amidst all the destruction.
The human race is beautiful. And here is why:
"'Son, you can't go around painting yourself black, you hear?'
Rudy was interested, and confused...'Why not, papa?'
'Because they'll take you away.'
'Because you shouldn't want to be like black people or Jewish people or anyone who is...not us.
'Who are Jewish people?'
'You know my oldest customer, Mr. Kaufmann? Where we bought your shoes?'
'Well, he's Jewish.'
'I didn't know that. Do you have to pay to be Jewish? Do you need a license?'"
I think this is a great example of beauty in the human race. Rudy's innocence shows me that, no matter what the circumstances, there will always be people who will stand up for what is right. He cannot even fathom why anyone would be treated unequally because of race or religion. Rudy is so young and already he can see the right from the wrong. People may do some horrible things, but we must also remember the good things. The moments like these, that show us the beauty.
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