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A Single Shard

No description

Josie Higgenbottom

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of A Single Shard

A Single Shard

Summary 4-5
Ch 4: Min makes Tree-ear work for him when he brakes the boxes. He tells him that he needs to work for him for twelve days because it took him twelve days to make the boxes.
The theme of the book is to never give up. "Tree-ear" , the main character of the book, learned to never give up especially when things got tough. He wanted to give up and not work for the potter anymore, because the work was hard, but he didn't, he kept trying. Tree-ear found that working for the potter wasn't that bad and he kept working for him. he connected with the potter and didn't want to give up because the potter was hard on him so eventually Tree-ear would grow up and have potential. Eventually he found joy in his work and was a big name potter because he never gave up.
Plot map!
Tree-ear and Crane-man are introduced. Tree-ear admires the potter's work.
T-1-2-3-4 ch. 6-9
Ch 6: Hard work pays off
Tree-ear went to the river everyday to get mud and make it into clay.
He had to work off his twelve days and he did without fuss because if he did Min would add on 3 days.
Tree-ear went to another potters house to see what he was working on and to see if he could help.
Tree-ear would help Min mix the clay to get it ready for molding because Min was too old to do it by himself.

T-1-2-3-4 ch. 10-13
Ch. 10: Broken hearts are open wounds
Tree-ear wanted to learn how to make pottery and Min yelled at him because he wasn't allowed to
Tree-ear Was puzzled and quit because he thought Min just wanted to yell at him.
Min explained that only fathers teach their sons how to make pottery and Min couldn't because Tree-ear wasn't his son.
Min's wife told Tree-ear that her son died when he was little because he got to cold and died of pneumonia.
Summary 1-3
Ch 1: Tree-ear is a young teenager. he is an orphan that lives under a bridge along with "Crane-man". They have lived together since Tree-ear was little.
Ch 3: Tree-ear looks at Min's work (the potter). He takes one of the boxes that Min made and admires his work. Min catches him and Tree-ear drops the box. all of the boxes brake.
Ch 5: Tree-ear goes to the forest to chop down trees for fire food for the kiln. He starts to bleed and cry and by the time he gets back to Min's he is exhausted. Min gets mad and shouts at him because he wasn't able to fire anything, because he took so long.
Ch 2: Tree-ear and crane-man go to the rubbish dump to find the "bad" pottery work so they can take it and use it for household items.
Ch 7: Snooping doesn't help
Tree-ear went to other potters houses so he could see what they were making to give Min ideas for his next pieces.
Min didn't want to use them when he found out what Tree-ear was doing, he got upset with him and didn't talk to him.
The other potters didn't want to let Tree-ear into their houses and didn't talk to Min because of Tree-ear.
Min had to apologize because Tree-ear messed up and made the other potters mad.
Ch 8: People are forgiving
Min forgave Tree-ear for snooping and he let Tree-ear have days off from his twelve days of work.
Tree-ear worked for other potters to make up for his wrong doings.
Tree-ear asked Min if he could work or him permanently, because Min was getting old and couldn't do as much.
Min thanked Tree-ear for his offer but refused because he didn't want him to go to that much trouble.
Ch 9: People can make random acts of kindness
Min took Tree-ear up on his offer, and Tree-ear was done repaying Min but he wanted to learn more.
Min had Tree-ear do the same work but now Tree-ear got payed with food because he was working for Min.
Tree-ear would go back to Min's house in the middle of the day and Min's wife would be standing there with a bowl of food.
Tree-ear would save half of his food and give it to crane-man so he wouldn't have to cook or find food for them.
Ch. 11: Life is a roller coaster
The head of the village came around to the potter's house to see what they have made so he could buy their work.
Min had nothing because he said that all of his work was rubbish. Tree-ear showed him one of Min's pots and the man fell in love with the pot.
Tree-ear asked to come back and work for Min again and Min agreed. Tree-ear wanted to get to work right away.
The head of the village wanted Min to travel around the world so he could show off his work, Min refused to accept their offer because he was too old.
Ch. 12: People are nicer than you think
Tree-ear told the head of the village that he could go in Min's place. Tree-ear was going to see the world and show off Min's work.
Crane-man made Tree-ear woven shoes and a basket out of straw so there would be fresh things for a fresh start.
Min's wife gave Tree-ear food that would last for weeks. She also asked Crane-man if he could work for her. He refused the offer.
Tree-ear went on his journey off to the "new world". People let him stay with them and gave him food to keep him going.
Ch. 13: Life is bittersweet
Tree-ear learned many things throughout his journey and returned home four years later.A lot had changed since he got back.
Crane-man died from falling off of the bridge. Min's wife said she was walking with him and his crutch (Crane-man is has one leg) slipped and he fell over, she tried to help him but it was too late.
Min had become very sick but finally taught Tree-ear how to make pottery because Tree-ear sacrificed himself for Min.
Tree-ear met a woman and had a family. Min's wife died from heartbreak but Tree-ear tells his children about what a roller coaster his life was,.
"You have to cut it exactly how i showed you or we will have a problem"
(Tree-ear) "I had to drain the mud at least seven times before I could show him or else he would laugh in my face, and he knew what it was supposed to feel like."
He knew what he wanted and anything other than that, he would have a problem.
"He had wrinkles on his face and hands, but his clothes looked new with spots of dried clay on them, his shoes were worn and wet."
"He had almost pure white hair with streaks of black. It looked as if he had grey eyes but I knew they were green it appeared that they faded as he aged."
Min looked older with his face and clothes.
Lonely to found
"It gets lonely with just Crane-man but we still have things to talk bout on a daily basis and come up with new activities."
"Finally, I've never had a family before, Crane-man was like my family but now I will never be by my self ever again."
He felt alone but throughout the book he found friends and family were by his side.
"I have a young face with a smile from ear to ear. I don't have many clothes and they are mostly scraps but I don't like to wine around Crane-man."
"I get new shoes about every six months. Crane-man makes them so I collect straw and grass I've tried to give him better materials but sometimes even looking in the rubbish heaps doesn't work."
He is happy, not greedy and he is okay with what he looks like
Tree-ear brakes Min's boxes. Min makes Tree-ear work for him.
Tree-ear chops wood and drains clay for Min. Tree-ear works to pay back Min.
Tree-ear asks Min if he can work for Min as ajob and Min accepts.
The head of the village comes to buy potter's work.he likes Min's the best and asks him if he wants to go around the world.
Min refuses but Tree-ear goes. Tree-ear goes around the world as "Min" because he is too old.
Tree-ear comes home and finds that many of his friends have passed over a four year period. Tree-ear finds a woman and gets a family.
Written by: Linda Sue Park
Report by: Josie Franklin
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