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UAE HVAC Industry

No description

Avanish Kashyap

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of UAE HVAC Industry

Research Topic
Understanding Decision Making Criteria
within HVAC industry(UAE) Objective:- DECISION MAKING CRITERIA Population 8 M CLIVET ROLE WITHIN HVAC Operation HVAC INDUSTRY IN UAE Definition UAE IN SUMMER Temperature goes up to 52 degree C •Project Owners
•Project Manager / Design Consultant/ Supervision Consultant (Owner representatives)
•Main Contractor
•MEP Contractor 83% Expatriates Center of GCC Most Modern Arabian Gulf Country Tallest Tower Biggest Mall Man made Island Tourist attraction CHALLENGE Cool down temperature from 52 degree to 24 degree So, here its come, HVAC ( Heating ventilation and air conditioning) Size of HVAC industry in UAE 730 M USD Expected YOY Growth 8% Market Ratio HYDRONIC SYSTEM
43% i.e. 413 M USD DISTRICT COOLING DX/SPLIT/WINDOW 30% i.e. 219 M USD 27% i.e. 197 M USD & Category of HVAC United Arab Emirates HYDRONIC SYSTEM CHILLERS
Screw/Scroll/Centrifugal FAN COIL UNITS AHU/FAHU/HRU 40% i.e. 247 M USD 900 M AED 18% i.e. 74.34 M USD 280 M AED 22% i.e. 90 M USD 341 M AED Turn Over Market Share COMPETITION AND PLAYERS IN HVAC(Chiller) 80 % & above limited to Trane, York, Carrier & Mcquay. Rest Others falls in balance 20% of market share. Research Methodology SECONDARY RESEARCH QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH Books, Journals, web media, authorities Basic outcome - understanding the variables Industry expert One by one in depth interview Outcome:- understanding the drivers & preferences The attributes which drives the desicion making variables Project Manager/MEP Consultants/Client Engineers Understanding decision making criteria at various labels ANALYSIS & INTREPRETATION Data Coading Uni, bi and multivariate analysis SPSS data analysis Factor analysis EXPECTED FINDINGS To specify brand in Consultant/Project Manager specification list.
Develop an outward-looking approach as opposed to an insular one
Leverage firms strengths to build sustainable competitive advantages
Establish Clivet position and strive for exponential growth
To Increase Clivet Marker share MANAGERIAL IMPLICATION CONCLUSION Based on secondary research there are a lot more to be done for qualitative & quantitative analysis, preparing the final questionnaire (expert’s approval),
I am sure with help of SP Jain institute mentor and industry mentor, I am able to successfully complete the projects. The main drivers that affects the decision making criteria.
A broader knowledge to segment the marketing strategy.
Any demographic or other factors which affects the decision making criteria.
Key findings will be resourse to specify into projects. Findings will be a key positioning statement.
Firm able to build sustainable competitive advantages.
Iniatives to increase market share.
DR. BALAKRISHNA GRANDHI SPECIAL THANKS TO, Mr. George Varkey Industry mentor for this project Avanish Kashyap, 2109
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