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Julia Koeger

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Design


Design allows for a collaboration of minds to create and improve upon complex projects that help us solve problems.


Counter Argument
Design is not essential in the process of creating projects. People can create inventions without having background knowledge on the subject.

: The western saddle and older styled saddles made it difficult for riders to jump because of the horn
: Fox hunters redesigned the dressage saddle and made it so the back and front were lower. This made is so that riders could jump over jumps, or in the fox hunters case so that they could jump over obstacles and chase the foxes.

Jumping in a Western Saddle
Jumping in an English Saddle
Inventions applying the idea of light started from fire, to flashlight, to concentrated light through the process of design.

Scientists were applying theories of radiation first by designing a microwave amplifier. Using their collaborated ideas they used the design of the laser to incorporate light rather than microwaves. Without these designs the laser would not be able to be created.
English Saddle
Design was important because in order to get the right saddle they had to think about the natural way of how riders would jump. Also the shape of the horse's back had to be considered as well.

Design is a crucial part in the creation of inventions because all projects are not inherent. Before you can build upon a concept, you must have knowledge of naturalistic and present day ideas.
Assembly Line
The modern railroad's design has adapted to the needs of the public throughout its history.
Expand upon already
existing ideas to develop
innovative projects.
Identify the problems and generate solutions for them.
Helps us stay up to pace with modern technology and adapt to the public's current needs
One change is accepted across the world
Heavy locomotives imported from England proved to be troublesome for U.S. rails so a lighter and more maneuverable locomotive was designed
Horse-pulled wagons were not keeping up with the demand in commerce and transportation; so steam-powered locomotives were designed to carry a heavy load at high speeds
With the worsening congestion in larger cities, high-speed magnetic levitation rail systems were designed to keep the high demand of transit and traffic in check
Herring, Peter. 2000. Ultimate train. London: Dorling Kindersley.
Williford, James. "PETER COOPER'S BIG IDEAS." Humanities 30, no. 5 (September 2009): 34-37. Academic Search Premier, EBSCOhost (accessed April 27, 2014).
Pollution from steam locomotives made conditions in railroad tunnels intolerable so electric locomotives were designed for usage in tunneled city sections
In the past, the design of assembly line is limited to the manufacture of a large item such as cars, airplanes, ships and heavy equipment.
Manufacturing technology has evolved even more, was the use of the ideas of the American system in the parts of the world, therefore in the manufacturing process today, which is global in scope of methods in any design.
Design helps us to solve problems. Without design we would not be able to come up with ideas that would change the world. Items would be stuck in the past and they would not be able to keep up with the modern day.
Jennings, Jamie. "Horses in the Morning", Episode 895, Horse Radio Network, podcast audio, April 18 2014, http://horsesinthemorning.com
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