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Canadian Blood Services

GMGT 2010 Group Project

Samantha Donachuk

on 2 July 2014

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Transcript of Canadian Blood Services

Background Information
To analyze the current marketing strategies used by Canadian Blood Services
To provide recommendations for more effective ways to market towards their target demographic

Non-Profit Organization
Putting It In Perspective
10.5 pints (5 litres) of blood in the average adult
1 "unit" of blood = 1 donation = 1 pint (450 ml)
Goal: to save lives by recruiting blood donors
Collects approximately 850,000 units of blood annually
43 permanent locations, nearly 22,000 mobile donor clinics annually
Who Can Donate?
At least 17 years of age
Minimum 110 lbs
Generally good health, feeling well on day of donation
Minimum 56 days between donations
... Almost Everyone
The Issues
Growing demand for blood and blood products
Limited marketing ability due to the budget constraints of a non-profit organization
Difficulty retaining current donors and especially gaining new donors
Online Presence
is the primary online marketing source
Information about the company, volunteer and job opportunities, donation bookings, clinic locations, financial reports,and marketing programs
Social Media
Marketing efforts focused on raising awareness in order to increase number of donations
SWOT Analysis
Canadian Initiatives
Assignment Saving Lives
National Blood Donor Week
Partners for Life
What is it?
Students compete to win a bursary
Why is it good?
Helps to recruit new donors
Promotes donations in summer months
High demand for blood this time of year
What is it?
Partnership with corporations, community organizations, and schools
Why is it good?
Emphasis on donating in groups
Benefits the organization and CBS
What is it?
Blood Drop Icon activated to encourage donations
When is it?
2nd week of June
To connect the icon with a need for blood
Profile maintains color scheme
Youtube videos
Links to company website
Stories of people in need of blood
Encourage donating blood by using guilt

Tweet back to followers thanking them for donating

Apologize to people stating a bad experience with donating
Tweet links to their website with advantages to donating as their caption
300 subscribers
126 videos
Tv Ads
Recipient Stories
The Blood Signal
Survey Results
What's Your Type Campaign
Recognition Marketing
Radio and Visual Marketing
community based blood typing program
19,000 free mobile clinics
determines your blood group and Rh factor
targets students ages 14-17
Recognition Marketing
Local Initiatives
On average our participants see or hear about the CBS at a level of 2 on a scale of 0-5
Only 7% of the people surveyed have seen advertisements over the Internet
recognizing donors at various donation level milestones
Wayne Cash
Honouring our Lifeblood ceremony

Better utilize social media
Increase presence and coordination with universities
Promotion of "Assignment Saving Lives" program
The Blood Signal
: to recruit 100,000 new donors annually and 30,000 new registrants over the next 3 years
Survey Results


Struggling to reach target demographic

Questions or Comments?

Variety of marketing strategies already implemented
No competition for CBS
Recognized organization with a good reputation
Could facilitate an increase in donors
Social media is not utilized to its full potential
Poor communication about mobile clinic locations
Follow-up calls could be perceived as annoying
Almost everyone can donate!
Use social media to reach target markets
Growing population in Canada
Aging population is now becoming the recipients of the donations
Demand is unpredictable
Advanced medical procedures increase demand
Increase presence in fitness facilities to target the 17-35 age demographic
More pamphlets available and posters up in high traffic areas
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