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Scott Bailey

on 27 August 2012

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Transcript of jmb

Objective SWBAT use deductive and inductive reasoning in order to piece together clues and develop a timeline of events What units will we look at identifying information about dead bodies?

What percentage of your grade is made up by tests/quizzes?

What are three things that you should not do in class/lab? Drill: Today's Activity In small groups (about 4 students), piece together clues in order to identify possible suspects, match evidence, and create a timeline of events A body was found at 8:30 am on September 1, 2003 in a local field
Shoeprint size 10 found near the body
Jeff, Ben, and Mark work together at the same company
Victim was identified by local authorities as Jeffrey M. Brown Starting the Investigation Identify the "Players" and roles
Create a general timeline of events using dates and times
Draw final conclusions and identify the probable suspect. Support your conclusion with evidence collected. (ex. possible motive physical evidence)

Turn in the assignment, with all names, to the appropriate bin Drawing Conclusions Homework Create a annotated list of ten different ways that a person or an object can be identified. First 20 Clues In your group, draw as many conclusions or leads that you may have in your case. Report this information:
Suspects (possible motive)
Physical evidence (linked?)
Possible leads for further investigation
Current conclusions anthropology
autopsy 25% eat, unsafe, break things
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