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mobile phones

evolutuon of the invention of alexandra graham.

James Chua

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of mobile phones

Where, when , what, how? Handphones Handphones According to wikipedia, as unreliable as it is, it has finally
got something right.
"A mobile phone or mobile (also called cellphone and handphone[1]) is an electronic device used for mobile telecommunications (mobile telephone, text messaging or data transmission) over a cellular network of specialized base stations known as cell sites." How people are married to their mobile phones. People use their hand phones anywhere, anytime,
anyhow. People are spotted standing in front of
urinals with fingers flying over the keypad (SMS) or phone glued to the ear. They are used in cars, under classroom tables, at breakfast, lunch, dinner.... The mobile phone has control over our lifes. many spouse claims that their partner treats their phone better then them. Misconceptions. Many people believe that cell phones are made out of cellophane. This is incorrect; cell phones are made out of cell phones, actually. That's called recycling, guys. Origins of the celphone. There would be no such thing as cellphone if not for
Alexandra Graham Bell. No, he did not invent the cellphone.
But he invented the telephone. Which was the direct ancestor of todays handphones.
Later, some brillant guy by the name of George Sweigert invented the wireless radio, thus shaping what seemed like a prehistoric handphone. Car phones soon followed and later Motorola ripped them all off: they went and created something that was "for handheld use".
Dr Martin Cooper made the first real handphone which was shaped like a brick and to mock his fellow rival,Dr Joel S. Engel, who too was trying to make a handphone, he made the first call with a handphone to laugh at his failure.
Dr Martin Cooper on the phone , laughing at his rival. Note the size of the first handphone. Not very practical at first. Modern handphones. Thankfully, handphones now no longer weigh and look like a brick. Instead, they has now become very light/slim so as to throw off suspicion about the bombs in the handphones.
Many people do not know that their handphones actually carry a bomb and are made small so as not to arouse suspicion. This is part of the alien conspiracy to blow up the world with millions of small bombs transported around. Latest Bomb/Handphone
by Alien in Disguise a.k.a
Steve Jobs. Credits:

James Chua
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