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Increasing SMS Sales by 10%

No description

Jeremy Levitt

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Increasing SMS Sales by 10%

That's the value of our SMS service.

Win more jobs by quoting more quickly on new leads and not missing out.

Businesses who get leads by SMS make $400 more from ServiceSeeking each month than their non-SMS competitors.
Spend $19.95 to make $400
Goal for AMs from today to end of November

Achieve this by understanding the value, and being confident and assertive when speaking to businesses about SMS
10% more SMS sales
You're playing cards.

Your Jack of Clubs is worth 20 points and the object of the game is to have the most points. So you don't want to lose that card.

But what if I offered to give you the following in exchange for your Jack?
3 Kings (100 points each)
2 Jacks (30 points each)
2 Tens (20 points each)
Game time
When should we include a question and information about SMS?
What are 7 ways to encourage the purchase of SMS leads? Come up with 7 phrases.
To get businesses to win work. The more they win, the better value their investment is, and the longer they continue to pay us.

9,000 active businesses/month

What is our job?
Increasing SMS Sales by 10%
How do we get the message out there?
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