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Connective Tissue Prezi

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Lauren Hallberg

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Connective Tissue Prezi

A Prezi by
Lauren Bex Nadia & Kim Connective Tissue
Keeping Us Together! Hyaline Cartilage: The Voice Box The voice of the body, for the body!

Fibrous Cartilage: Spinal Column Standing up for the body!

Elastic Cartilage: Ear Listens to body!

Bone: Neck Keeping your head up! Connective Tissue is Supportive of the Body Adipose Tissue: padding around the joints

Preserving Your Right to Extra Energy! Connective Tissue
is Pro-Storage Reticular Tissue: Filters unwanted
substances out of blood.

Keeping Foreign Microorganisms
Out of the Body! Defending Against
Foreign Microorganisms Connective Tissue in Favor of Carrying Goods

1. Easily agitated or alarmed; tending to be anxious; highly strung: "a sensitive, nervous person"; "these quick, nervous birds".
2.Anxious or apprehensive: "staying in the house on her own made her nervous"; "I was nervous about my new job".


jumpy - nervy - jittery - edgy - neural Very Nervous Tissue Connective Tissue is For the Body! Supporting, Storing, Protecting, and Transporting Goods for YOUR BODY! Blood: transportation of O2 & CO2 and absorbed nutrients

Importing and Exporting
Hearty Goods To the Body! Connective Tissue is the Missing Link! Tendons: Achilles' Tendon

Ligament: Anterior Cruciate Ligament

Keeping the Body Composed
and Connected! Connective Tissue is:
Storing Goods
Transporting Goods All About the Needs of THE BODY! Up to 90% of all human cancers are circinomas, which are growths that originate in epithelium. Bad Epithelial Epithelial Tissue is suppose to protect ... Yet it is the most susceptible to cancers... Is this really the best and most reliable tissue? Muscle Tissue Skeletal muscle is the one most often affected by soft tissue injuries.
Contusion,is one of the most frequent results of a soft tissue injury. Bruises are a result of increased stress on tissues, causing the capillaries to break thus releasing blood. This blood builds up over time, and depending on the severity of the injury, causing anywhere from a light colored to deep red/purple bruise.
So in other words Muscle tissue cannot handle stress…
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