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Outcasts United

No description

David Antonelli

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Outcasts United

Outcasts United
by Warren St. John

Rising action
Luma moves from Jordan to Georgia and coaches girls' soccer.
Luma finds Clarkston by accident and sees a group of refugee boys playing soccer
Luma decides to stop coaching girls' soccer and forms a boys' soccer team specifically for the refugees in Clarkston.
The team's name becomes the Fugees
The Fugees are no long aloud to use the field at the community center and are forced to use the poor field behind behind Indian Creek Elementary.
After a shooting near Indian Creek Elementary Luma fights to get the city council's permission to use the field in Armistead park
Luma signs up the Fugees for a soccer tournament
The coach of the Fugees soccer team
Comes from Amman, Jordan
played Soccer in high school
Moved to America in 1997
A very inspiring and strict coach
Takes place in modern Clarkston, Georgia
The city of Clarkston is currently being filled with refugees from around the world
Internal conflicts
Luma is internally struggling with how unite kids from different countries, cultures, and religions to play soccer as a team.

External conflicts
Many of the people in Clarkston are not supportive of the relocation of refugees to their city
The Fugees are no longer aloud to use the field at the community center and have to find a new place to play soccer.
The theme of this story is that one person can make a difference
during the course of this novel Luma learns how to overcome in the face of adversity and how to unite people who are different but have the same goals.
I would recommend this book because it is a true story about things that currently go on in our society that most people don't know about or choose to ignore. Also it has a positive message.
soccer symbolizes unity between the many different cultures of refugees
The American dream
The stereotyping and discrimination against refugees
"And that was one of the most beautiful games of soccer i've ever seen."
"Maybe we can find a way for everybody to work together, live together, and play together."
"what are you doing
in the united states?"
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