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Blood Spatter Analyst

No description

devyn bahnmiller

on 18 April 2015

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Transcript of Blood Spatter Analyst

Blood Spatter Analyst
Median salary is $61,000 per year
Beginners make $42,000 annually
5 years of experience makes $75,000 a year
More than ten years of work generates $85,000-$160,000 annually
In Michigan average salary is $57,000 a year
Responsibilities and Daily Activities
Responding to crime scenes
Interacting with blood and body fluids
Taking pictures of the scene and all evidence
Collect blood stain samples for DNA profiling
Writing reports
Testifying in court
Work Monday-Friday standard work hours
May be subject to call out whenever a crime scene is discovered, any time if day
Self Reflection
I am pretty interested in this job for the following reasons, when I graduate college I want to become a person who collects evidence to solve murders and this career entitles that. Also i think it would be fascinating to study blood because you can learn so much about the person it came from and a lot of information that potentially could help solve a murder. Some positives of pursuing this profession are it's an exciting career so you would not get bored and you would not be doing the same thing everyday. You will be helping people get justice for their loved ones. You would be able to work all over the country. Some negatives to this job are it can be dangerous and you have to get a lot of training, so you would not be able to become one right away. You might be on call all hours of the day. You would be handling a lot of evidence so you would have to be very precise, there is no margin for error. One misconception is that the blood spatter analysts can use blood to figure out exactly what happened at the scene. When in reality no one will know exactly what happened there expect the murderer and any witnesses.
High school classes: anatomy, math, environmental science, and physics
Bachelor's degree in criminal justice or forensic science
Without bachelor's degree require an associate's degree plus two years of job related experience
College classes: biology, anatomy, criminology, constitutional law, statistical analysis, and specific classes related to blood
Once hired must work with a mentor, you watch specialists testify in court and watch others work in the laboratory or crime sciences
With the evidence they collect they can determine
Type of weapon used
Direction the victim or suspect traveled
Trajectory of a projectile
Number of wounds a victim may have suffered
How events unraveled during the crime
Different levels and Advancement opportunities
Get an internship
Start off as a forensic lab technician, police officer, detective, or special agent to gain experience
Then can move up to blood spatter analyst
Seek advanced training by attending seminars and work shops put on by professional associations
Obtain certification, not required but improves employment chances and salary
With a lot of experience can work in the private sector as a contractor or an expert witness for private attorneys
Education and Training
Devyn Bahnnmiller

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