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Stick Figures

No description

Salami Girls Egg Curry

on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of Stick Figures

Hello duck! How are you today? Oh! I am great, but did you hear about the food. There are no crops growing right now! No way!! We are going to starve! I have many children to feed! :( At least i just have one child to feed, you have twelve. Are you saying that i have a bad life? Well...yah You know what? I am happy to feed twelve children! Do not ever talk to me again! The Animal Story by: Sophia Well, FINE! (At Home) Hi, darling. How was school? It was awesome father! Why do you look sad? I am sad because there might not be enough crops for food this year. What's the matter dear? I cannot feed all of the children, no crops are growing! Ohh... maybe you need our eldest son to work in the farms. But i I understand, i agree, i will go and talk to him (At son's house) Hello my son, it has been along time. Hello father. Why have you come? The crops on the farms are not growing and we need you to work on the farms. You want me to work on the farms out of my free will? I say no. You do it. Son, you know i can not do that because i have a job already, please work for the family. You have to do something for me first. You have to invite your friend's daughter to my house and then I will help you. I do not think that is possible because I have told my friend that I would never talk to him again. Then my offer will close, if you cannot do OK OK, i will try! (At friends house) Hello...friend. I am very sorry for what i did at work. What do you want? I don't have all day and I thought you would never talk to me again!!!!! I know I said that, but i regret saying it, all i ask for is one favor. You know... I am very sorry for saying that you had a bad life. Can you forgive me? I will grant you with your favor. I wish for your daughter. Why do you want my daughter? Do you want to sell her? Oh! I would never. My eldest son would like her for now. Umm... ok, Honey, come downstairs. Hello father, hello my father's friend. I have a question for you. Why are you a horse and your father a duck? Oh, because my mother was a horse. You are wanted from my eldest son, will you accept. Oh, Spartan. Of Course i will go. By the way, my name is Clara. Great!! Lets go. (At son's House) Alright son, Clara's here. Sweet! You actually got her? Wow! You are great! OMG!! I have not seen you in a very long time. How are you Spartan? Is that really you Clara? I am fine! Do you want to go up to my bedroom? Sure lets go. (without father watching they kiss). Ok, im going home, you stay out of trouble. (At Home) Hey i am home! Shh! They children are sleeping. How did it go with Spartan? oh it went well, he said he will do it. Thats great news! Goodnight! Goodnight! (A few months later) Hey dad, how are you doing today? (At son's house) I am doing fine, why have you called me over? I have called you because Clara is pregnant. You have a child? Is it a boy or a girl? Did Clara tell her father? Chill father. We have a girl and she did not tell her father yet, I was wondering if you could. we are having a wedding on Saturday. Ok. I will tell Clara's father about everything. Goodbye. Wish Clara congrats for me. (At friend's house) Hello old friend. Do you happen to know where Clara is right now? She has not come home for days and I am worried about her. Do not worry. Clara is at Spartan's house right now. Spartan has told me that Clara is pregnant. What?!?! Are you serious? This is wonderful! Are they having a wedding? Yes they are having a wedding Saturday. We are going to be grandfathers!!!! (At son's house) So, I told my father about everything and he told your father. How is the baby? What did the doctor say? Ok. The baby is fine, the doctor said the baby is coming out on Monday! We have four days to prepare. We should hurry. You should rest, i will go shopping. OK, thank you very much. (At house) (on phone) Hey Spartan, how are the crops?
Spartan: I am not working anymore because the crops are back and I am shopping for the baby, so bye.
Me: Bye
(Hangs up)
I am soo glad to have an older son! (On Saturday) I am sooo excited today, i cannot wait to see Spartan in his tuxedo! (Wedding words go on and it is time for everyone to go home). We are finally married! Yes. I am glad. I got everything for the baby. All we have to do now is wait for the baby on Monday! (Years pass) Daddy, can i have some chocolates? Not right now, i am talking to your mother. (Years Later) I am finally going to High school! ooh la la, thats where ur mom and i fell in love. BTW, you are nto allowed to date anyone yet, ur only 14 years. I am only 44. wait no, idk my age really. Too much info dad, i know i am not allowed to date. though.... ( At School) I want to date someone. I feel lonely. I also want some friends that are girls. I have been really depressed not having a mother. She only died when i was 8. (sigh) (To readers) Hi, my name is Ryan. Wow high school has a lot of horses. Sweet. Those gurls over there must be freindly. I should talk to them. OMG, who is that hot
guy over there? IDK Talk to him, see who
he chooses Wow , a lot of girls are staring at me. I will go see why. um... hi my
name is
My name is
Stephany My name is
Crystal I am guessing that one of you
wants to go out with me. Well, i am inlove with Sapphire. Sorry Crystal and Stephany. Wow, you are soo sweet, i know i am only 14 and you are only 15, but i wanna go on a date with you. That would be wonderful, wanna come to my house? maybe it is too early for that, lets go to the movies Hi, do u have room for one more friend and may i say that you got a boyfriend fast Of course
we have
space, welcome
to the crew. I think u
already know our names Nice to meet you, whts ur name? Oh, my name is Sasha
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