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Iroquois part 1(Dilpreet)


Dilpreet Dhugga

on 1 June 2013

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Transcript of Iroquois part 1(Dilpreet)

By: Dilpreet Iroquois Part 1 Location The Iroquois lived near lakes and rivers so they can get water from the lakes and rivers. The river that they lived near was St. Lawrence River and the lake was the Great Lakes. Now the Iroquois live in New York, Quebec, and Ontario. Food The Iroquois were farmers, fishers, and hunters, they were farmers so they did not have to move from on location to another. Most of what they ate came from farming they ate farmed food and wild food. The Iroquois ate corn, grapes, cherries, wild plums, berries, sweet crab apples, chestnuts, black walnuts, hickory nut maple sap, pumpkin, melons, and squash (farmed food). They also ate Black Bears, Elk, Deer, Rabbits, and Wolves (hunted food). Finally they ate Trout, Sturgeon, and White fish (fished food). The tools that the Iroquois used to get food was moose antlers it was to clear the land so crops can be planted. Men were responsible for hunting, and trading food, women were responsible for planting crops. The person that was responsible for making the food was the women. The Iroquois English Iroquoian Meaning 17th/18th century location
Seneca Onondowahgah "People of the Great Hill" Seneca Lake and Genesee River
Cayuga Guyohkohnyoh "People of the Great Swamp" Cayuga Lake
Onondaga Onundagaono "People of the Hills" Onondaga Lake
Oneida Onayotekaono "People of Upright Stone" Oneida Lake
Mohawk Kanien'kéhaka "People of the Flint" Mohawk River
Tuscarora Ska-Ruh-Reh "Shirt-Wearing People" From North Carolina The Six Nations Of The Iroquois Culture The Iroquois designed art like clay pots, mothers would make faceless dolls for there children, and men would carve masks for the Fall Face Society. The Iroquois used porcupine quills, shell beads, clay, and crushed rocks to decorate art. The Iroquois would use images to record history because they did not have a written language. CLAY POTS FACELESS DOLLS Creation Story Iroquois Creation Myth Long before there was an island created where the Sky People lived. No one died or got borned, but once a women felt as she was going to give birth to twins. So she told her husband so he went to a tree that gave light to the entire island so he teared the tree creating a huge hole. The woman looked inside the hole and all she saw was water that covered the earth. After that her husband pushed her through the hole so that she was falling toward the water. As soon as the animals saw the Sky woman falling they caught her on their back. To help the woman they dove into the water to gather mud but as all the animals tried they all failed. Finally, a little toad came out of the water with his mouth full with mud. The animals took the mud and spread it on the back of a big turtle the mud began to grow until it was the size of North America. The woman stepped onto the land and she created the stars, the moon, and the sun. She gave birth to twin sons she named one Sapling and the other Flint. Sapling created rivers that went two different ways and fish without bones. So Flint destroyed everything and made it his own way. Then Sapling and Flint decided to fight till Flint was beaten. Flint was god so he could not die but he was forced to live on the Big Turtle's back. Flint got angry and then a volcano formed. Iroquois Flag
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