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Growth of Intellectual Capital

No description

Patricia Profeta

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Growth of Intellectual Capital

Annual Planning
Annual Budget
Accreditation Compliance
Operational Accountability
Learning Outcomes Accountability Growth of Intellectual Capital Patricia C. Profeta, Ph.D.
Dean of Learning Resources
Indian River State College
Association of Florida Colleges
Administration Commission Exemplary Practice
May 12, 2011 Intellectual Capital Validates an institution's commitment to its shareholders
Propels the further success of an institution Objectives Developing evolving State College System
Contributing to the success of the College and the System
Ensuring fiscal responsibility in terms of resources, personnel, and technology
Preparing an educated workforce
Fulfilling requirements for assessment, accountability, and enhancement Standard Uses Value-Added Uses College Profile
Departmental Annual Report
Grant Writing
Award Applications
Professional Portfolios KM Intangible Assets - Productive relationships between an organization and its employees, its processes, structures and systems, and its external environment of customers, suppliers and community.
Intellectual Capital - More of an organization's total value than physical and monetary assets.
Deliberate Leverage - Creation, development, maintenance, transfer, sharing, and use of knowledge for the purpose of organizational performance improvement.
(From:http://www.hpstrategy.com/html/knowledge_management.html) Intrinsic Knowledge Intuitive knowledge - Can be further developed - Internal - Reliable or trustworthy knowledge (From:http://www.mikamar.biz/knowledge.htm) Adaptability Adapt fee/free collaboration products
Strengthen utilization of products for value-added uses Quality of Solution Inspire many solutions beyond standard uses
Increase value of action in terms of finance, time, partnerships, and outcomes
Improve internal processes
Generate intellectual capital! Accountability and Effectiveness Measures Role model
Status reports
Document management
Use of results
Recognition of value-added uses Questions Thank you for your time and attention. It has been my pleasure and privilege to share my experiences with all of you.

Should you have additional questions,
please contact me @ profeta@irsc.edu or

Pat Profeta
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