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Principios 1

No description

Alison Brink

on 5 September 2018

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Transcript of Principios 1

Hoy es miércoles el cinco de septiembre
Reglas del salón
1. be in your seat when the bell rings
2. speak for information... not conversation
4. no food or drink, with the exception of water

5. bring your suplies daily

6. no use of electronic devices unless directed
to do so
las calificaciones
Grades are cumulative, and part of the whole, they are not set up on percentages
.... so I will not be able to tell you "how much this test is worth" until the end of the quarter.
There is no late work excepted
There are no make up exams

if you are ill, you must be excused in order to turn in your missing homework or to make up an exam.
There will be extra credit opportunitites 3x each semester... via Tertulia, after school.
if you are absent, it is your responsability to look for the Prezi on the class website, and complete any assignments that you find there... there will be a
copy of the Spanish Three Years book, and the 2nd year text at
the library for you to use in the library
A =90% Exceeds Target
B=80% Above Target
C=70% Meets Target
D= 60 % Approaches Target
F= >59% Far-below Target/No Evidence
In class work and homework
There will be 5 scores assessed in class each day. Different graded activities will have different point values. Point values will not be consistant for each day or for each activity.
Homework will be assigned but will not always be graded or collected.
Essay assignments will be turned in on Wednesdays, passed back on Thursdays.. so you can correct highlighed errors, and turned back in for credit on Friday. No credit will be given on Wednesday.
los irregulares
estar (con acentos sobre ???)
presente indicativo
¿Quién eres?
search FLIPGRID on the internets

busca FLIPGRID en el internet
pon el código de abajo... según tu hora
6a hora: soyyo6
7a hora: soyyo7
1. Grábate hablando de ti mismo... ¿Cómo eres? ¿Qué nos puedes contar de ti?
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