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Like The Sun

No description

Haley Bouchard

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Like The Sun

By Haley Bouchard Like the Sun Questions Evaluate and Connect Vocabulary Analogys 1. Sekhar thinks that the essence of human relationships is tempering the truth so it might not shock, or harm the other person. So he decides to spend some time telling the complete truth. 6. I would characterize the headmaster of overconfident, he was so sure of his singing that he hired instrumentalists to accompany him. I don't feel sorry for him, he didn't consider the fact that people might not like his music. The headmaster's voice was as rocky as a frog's croak. Recall and Interpret 2. Sekhar tells his wife that her "culinary masterpiece" is not good, and that he can hardly swallow it. She reacts poorly to his honesty, she becomes quite angry with him. 3. Music is so important to the headmaster because God had not given him a child and the only way he filled that void was from making music. 4. At the headmaster's house Sekhar is assulted with terrible music. The headmaster is uninhibitedly bribing Sekhar to say good things about his music with promise of more time to correct papers. Sekhar decides to stay true to his promise to himself and tells the headmaster how terrible his music is. 5. I think the headmaster in the beginning was crushed by Sekhar's judgment, but in the end was grateful for the honesty. Still, he must have still held some resentment because he took back the bribe. 7. I would describe the tone of the story as harsh, like the sun, honest, and brutal. 8. I think Sekhar's experiment was groundbreaking, he discovered how people truly react to the truth, his wife was extremely sensitive, and the headmaster was offended. 9. I think the honest is a luxury because when you practice honest, I believe, it makes you feel better about yourself. You can be honest without being cruel. 10. Daily life in a world in which everyone told the truth would be quite like the movie "The Invention of Lying" every person lost or gained something by telling the complete truth. The truth could be good for a person or bad for a person. 1. Gus attended culinary school to become a chef. 4. Jon's salary was decreased in 1% increments. 3. Sally was ingratiating the boss for a big promotion. 2. Luke scrutinize every inch of his paper before he turned it in. 5. Bob continues to shirk is duty to clean is room. 6. Tia is stupefied when she wakes up from a nap. Lying is like vinegar, smooth, but sour to the tongue. Patience is like a calming river.
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