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«Entrepreneurship: Which Evolution into a Social Responsibility? »

Entrepreneuriat dans la Région Tétouan – Tanger Quelles Opportunités et pour Quels Investissements ?

Hamza El Fasiki

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of «Entrepreneurship: Which Evolution into a Social Responsibility? »

Amazing people making things happen ( People implementing « daily »)
Amazing people making our impact global ( People bringing their skills « On Demand »)
Amazing people making the activities a Success ( People organising « Actions »)
Amazing people prodiving their wisdom ( People challenging us « Strategically») Draw yourself W who Are you? Joining MCISE MCISE Founders Advisors Advisors Advisors Advisors Joining MCISE ? Profils? Draw yourself W who Are you? MCISE Founders MCISE Founders MCISE Founders MCISE Founders 15-12-2012 / ENSA Tetouan Morocco Entrepreneurship:
Which Evolution into a Social Responsibility? 2ème édition de la Journée de l’Entrepreneuriat (J3E) MCISE Founders MCISE Founders MCISE Founders Entrepreneurial Story in Morocco Andresa Andre S.A. : Société Anonyme Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurs Opportunity Culture Type: Early Stage:
Individualism (McCan, 1984) (Druker) Sole Proprietorship Adaptation: Collectivism
Morocco (Hofstede, 2001) Innovation (Schumpeter) Formation of Independent Business WhoEver Competencies in specific areas !!! ( Herrmann, 1995)
From French, "entreprende-eur," literally "one who undertakes."

* Entre-Preneur: Between-Taker / Go-Between Early Period: Moroccan Peddlers : "ATTAR"
Middle Ages: Person in charge of great architectural buildings
17th C. : person performing in a contratual arrangement with the goverenment
18th C. : Present day :Venture Capitalists and Inventors
19th / 20th C. : Innovators (Ibid) Origins (Hisrich, et al, 2008) History Hamza El Fasiki Moroccan Center for Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship - MCISE Research and Studies Criticism NO Arabic Translation of SE
SE is not yet a complete Theory
There is no legal status of a social enterprise in Morocco
Social Innovations are Mere Exportations Objectives and Theme Have the Entrepreneurial Rationale as future entrepreneurs over

1) Who you are in Society
2) What to do in a global environment In Morocco? Tacheron Cultural Interpretation and Acceptance Entrepreneurs !? MCISE Founders MCISE Founders MCISE Founders Perspective 1° Internal Perspective
2° External Perspective SOCIAL SOCIAL SOCIAL Value Creation Opportunity Innovation Social Entrepreneurship Corporate Sustainability 1) Sustainable Development: Common Social Goals

2) Corporate Social Responsibility : Ethical Obligation
(Theories : Social Contract / Social Justice / Rights / Deontological)

3) Stakeholder Theory: Mutual Protection

4) Corporate Accountability Theory: Legal Responsibility Open - Collaborative Social Impact Sustainability
Scalability MCISE Founders MCISE Founders BOP - Bottom-Of-the-Pyramid * Enterprises with Corporate Social Responsibility (MicroFranchise) (Lehr, 2010)
* Social Business ( Elkington, 2OO8) (Grameen Danone)
* SE at the BOP - Bottom-of-the-Pyramid (MicroFinance) (Yunus, 2007)
* Non-Profit: Portfolio of funding or granting (Dolgoff, 2003)
* Hybrid Firms: Lucrative with a High Social SCM ( Elkington, 2OO8)

For the Center: h.fasiki@mcise.org / mcise.org
For Research: hamza.elfasiki@usmba.ac.ma Contact me PLZ Market Orientation Models mcise.org
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