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Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation

No description

Mark MacLeod

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation

Martin Luther & the Protestant Reformation
Misconceptions and confusions
about "Martin Luther":
Martin Luther is NOT the same man as Martin Luther King Jr.
Catholic pardons for sins committed
With good works and prayer Catholics can be grated pardon for SOME sins.
It was expected for people to give alms (money)
Money was supposed to go toward funding church projects that benefited the people
The Man
Martin Luther believed that following the rituals of the institution of the Church was not enough to get into Heaven.
Individuals should seek personal religious understanding.
Individuals should not pay the Church to receive forgiveness for their sins.
Born in 1483 and died in 1586
German Priest and Professor at the University of Wittenburg
Wanted reform some practices in the Roman Catholic Church
Who is a Protestant?
A Protestant is a member of any of the western Christian churches who is not Roman Catholic.
Who supported the Protestant movement?
Some scholars.
They promoted the importance of the individual expressed in humanism.
Some German princes and members of the merchant class.
Johann Tetzel
Technology and the Reformation
After the printing press was invented, the Bible was translated into
As more people became

there was less need for the Clergy to interpret the Bible for them.
Preacher for Indulgences
Alms were to go to building St. Peter's Basilica
Used half of the money collected to pay off his personal debts
The printing press
What sparked the Reforma
In 1519 Luther wrote a pamphlet that listed 95 Church reforms that he felt were necessary.
He nailed this document to the door of the Wittenburg Church
This document was known as the "95 Theses"
Paradigm Shift in Europe
What caused people to change their personal and religious worldviews?
Humanist concepts of individuality
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