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Mills v. Board of Education (CA) 1972

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Taylor Cooke

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Mills v. Board of Education (CA) 1972

1972 Mills
Board of Education Background Peter Mills brought this case against the District of Columbia Public School system Why? 7 school aged kids with special needs were denied their right to a public education The District of Columbia claimed that these kids were unable to be educated due to their unique needs The Board of Education believed that the cost of providing the extra services for these kids was too expensive The children were forced to stay home without an education The Issue The District of Columbia is a federal territory
not the same laws as states All students involved were African American
fighting for the equality of all students with disabilities Judge Joseph Waddy was in favor of the students Proceedings A free public education or alternative education must be paid for by the Board of Education and provided for all students regardless of any disabilities and cost
no child with disability can be denied a free public education Public Law 94-142 No child in the District of Columbia public school system can be excluded from a free education

Must take effect within 30 days of the trial IDEA Principles Zero Reject: the court ruled that all children (regardless of any disabilities) cannot be denied their right to an education

Free and Appropriate Education: all children with disabilities will be given the opportunity to a free education

Least Restrictive Environment: special services are given if needed but children with disabilities are mainstreamed Sarah Marr
Taylor Cooke Sources http://mged3030courtcases.wikispaces.com/2012+Mills+v.+Board+of+Education+of+District+of+Columbia http://sped637-su2011.wikispaces.com/Mills+v.+Board+of+Education+of+the+DC A 12 year old prohibited from attending school because of allegations that he had behavior problems

18,000 out of 22,000 children with disabilities in the District of Columbia were not receiving appropriate educational services violated 14th Amendment of the Constitution http://www.fofweb.com/History/MainPrintPage.asp?iPin=EADH0468&DataType=AmericanHistory&WinType=Free
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