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Survival Challenge Task 3

No description

Katie LeGrand

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Survival Challenge Task 3

The Problem
We had task number 3. We needed to create a machine that will move doctor's equipment horizontally and vertically. That also had to be able to move from room to room.
Survival Challenge Task 3

Develop Ideas
Create a cardio regulator
Must move all the equipment at once
Be able to carry lots of weight
Travels vertically and horizontally
Tank Tread with Scissor Lift
BY: Katie LeGrand, Sam Nickell, and Ed Moustis
Choose The Best Idea
Model / Prototype
Test And Evaluate
Improve Design
Communicate Results
Tank Tread With Leadscrew
Tank tread will slide material horizontally
The equipment will fall on the scissor lift and you turn the crank and the lift will rise
The tank tread will move material horizontally
The equipment will fall onto a platform which will rise when you turn the crank
This will move the material sideways and vertically at an angle
It will use a chain drive
Pulley System
Lifts equipment up and moves material sideways using pulleys
Pulley,belt/chain drive
-We chose our idea based off of how it would work the best and function with the least amount of problems

We made the cardioregulator smaller to fit the size of the prototype
We added channels so that the chain wouldn't sag and it would move more smoothly
We changed the size of the gear so it was smaller to fit the lead screw segments
We exchanged the worm and wheel for the lead screw because we had troubles putting a shelf on the piece that moved
-Another way to communicate our results is to give a live presentation showing how our project works and how it would help people in the community.
Worm and wheel
Each member created 2 different sketches
They then put notes on each sketch
Making ideas
Changing of ideas
-We decided to change the worm and wheel to the leadscrew to function better
This brought some our other ideas to a halt brought other ideas to mind
-We moved what side we put the leadscrew on from the side to the back because it made everything straighter
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