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Kings, Nobles, and the Magna Carta

No description

C. Demandante

on 7 March 2017

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Transcript of Kings, Nobles, and the Magna Carta

Focus Question:
How did the Norman Conquest change English Rule and Law
What was William the Conqueror like?
Warm Up: Complete the Webmap
What do you remember about who wants to claim the English crown?
Kings, Nobles, and the Magna Carta
What is the Magna Carta?
How did Norman Conquest change Enlglish Rule and Law?

Warm Up: Answer in your notebook
Define "Conquest"
How do you think being conquered changes the current laws?
Exit Ticket: Complete in your Notebook
Describe what William the Conqueror was like
William the Conqueror vs Joan of Arc
The Magna Carta & the Emergence of Parliament
Warm Up
Create a quick wanted poster of the Hamburglar, include his crimes
Guiding Questions:

How did King John raise money to gain control of French lands?

What alternatives do you think the barons could have done in response to the high taxes?

King John Wanted Poster
Using your notes, design a wanted poster for King John.
1)Grievances against King John
2)Benefits of getting King John to sign the Magna Carta
3)Pics, color, neatness
12 pts
Clearing Misconception.
Write 3 things you are unsure of from the lesson ...
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