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Business Plan 2030

No description

Charlie Drapper

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Business Plan 2030

BUSINESS PLAN "Suitme" What is "Suitme" ? HOW MUCH WE REQUEST ? Who are we ? Marine Ley Sancho
Chief Financial Officer Sonia Steenbrink
Chairman Constance Michel
Marketing Director Mathilde Margaine
Sales Manager Content 1. Mission, Strategy and Value Statement 2. Company History and Environment 3. Product Description 4. Marketing Strategy 5. Advertising Campaign 6. Finance 7. Future Plans Mission, Strategy and Value Statement Mission Statement Strategy Statement Value Statement GOUD²USE© brings a new innovative way to dress for the customers in order to make their lives easier. " " Spirit of innovation

Ability to understand the customers

Love for the challenge Company History What form of company ? Private Limited Company (Ltd)

Limited Responsibility

Perfect form for GOOD2USE What context ? End of Economic crisis;

Very Productive People;

Technological world;

Paris : attractive for fashion people, workers and investors. Where in the world ? 2027 Creation of GOUD²USE©
Sector : Fashion Industry
Headquarters : Paris 2028 2029 Leader in France in personal shoppers service
Invest in two shops abroad Research & Development
Patents for a new product Product Description Light - Adaptable - Comfortable 1) Millions of emitters : Send and receive information from the tablet

2) Smart Computer Cells (SCC) : Able to inflate - Elastic

3) Chemical Cells (CC) :

Protect from Bacteria;
Wash the suit;
Manage the body's temperature; 10 seconds to transforms The tablet : How does it work ? The suit : How does it work ? Price FOR WOMEN

1 000 € for One model and the tablet

1 500€ for the two models and the tablet FOR MEN

1 000€ for Suitme Investment
Price for two products
Allows resumption of real clothes
Includes free maintenance Value for customers Marketing 1. SWOT 2. Targets Marketing target: Business people High earner
Many Activities
Being Presentable
Healthcare Communication target: Students and Business men and women Future employees or directors;
Open to new technology ;
97% of them are on social networks; 3. Competitors Speed Clothes Personal Shoppers Shops Advertising Campaign Strategy Repetition and excitement

Partnership with Hugo Boss Advertising Campaign Above the line Below the line How much it will cost ? Finance Conclusion Future Plans Problems Funding Request Forget the tablet;
Cumbersome tablet;
Insufficient battery; Solutions Substitute the tablet to a bracelet;
Press a button, then a hologram will appear;
Customizing of the bracelet; 10 hours of battery 3 reasons to invest Money Revolutionary idea Experience on the market Break Even Point Thank you for your attention 2027 2032 We have the passion of ...
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