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Tali Aumavae

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of Andorra

Welcome to Andorra!
Andorra's capital is Andorra la Vella
Tourist Attractions
Pa Amb Tomaquet (Bread with Tomato)
The traditional costume for women features a full, flowered skirt over a white petticoat; a blouse (sometimes covered by a flowered shawl); long, black, fingerless net gloves; and black espadrilles (cloth sandals) with white stockings.
Coma Pedrosa
Lake Engolaters
The traditional costume for men is a white shirt, dark knee-length pants, white stockings, and black shoes. They may also wear broad red sashes tied at the waist.
Current Events
Roques al carrer Museum
steak tartare
crema catalana
Andorra's national soccer team earned an unusual competitive draw against Faroe Island's national soccer team. With defeats extending
for 11 years. Andorra's competitive record compromises one win,
three draws and 96 defeats.

Traditionally, over 90% of all Andorrans are Roman Catholic. Though it is not an official state religion, the constitution acknowledges a special relationship with the Roman Catholic Church. The Muslim community (about 2,000 people) are primarily north African immigrants. Other Christian denominations include the Anglican Church, Jehovah's Witnesses, the Reunification Church, the New Apostolic Church, and the Church of Jesus Christ

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