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The Wanderings of Odysseus: Timeline

9A Daniela Garza #11

Daniela Garza

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of The Wanderings of Odysseus: Timeline

1. Battle of Troy
Odysseus after 10 years of war escapes from the Battle of Troy and is now found lost at sea trying to go back to Ithaca, were his wife Penelope and son Telemachus are hoping anxiously for his arrival.
The Wanderings of Odysseus: Timeline
Daniela Garza #11
2. Ciciones
3. Lotus Eaters
4. Sicily: The Cyclops
5. Aeolus Island
6. The land of the Laestrygones
7. Aeae Island: Circe the Witch
8. The land of the dead: Thrinacia
9. Last visit to Aeae and Circe
10. Sirens
11. Scylla and Charybdis
12. Helio's Cattle
13. Calypso
14. Scheria
"The Odyssey", a great source of literature as well as a great contribution from the greeks, its an epic poem about this one main character, Odysseus, whose king of Ithaca and son of Laretes.

Throughout this poem Odysseus' bravery is unfolded in every adventure he encounters, hoping to go back home to Ithaca as well as for his crew members, but because of war being such an important trait to him many are forced to abandon this journey throughout the story.
During the 3 years that Odysseus was lost at sea he encountered different adventures, one was that after his victory at Troy, Odysseus being a great warrior as well as his crew, fought in another battle at Cicones, where Odysseus killed many ciconians until the Ciconian army killed 72 of Odysseus’ men and were forced to sail back to the sea.
Another of his many adventures was related with a Lotus flower, a flower that affected 3 of his explorer shipmates; by eating this precious flower Odysseus’s crew members resisted in leaving this island, by this matter Odysseus had to forcibly take them back into the ship and tied them into a bench.
The main reason why Odysseus took so long in arriving home to Ithaca, was because of the incident regarding the Cyclops.

Odysseus arrived to this island and was immediately trapped by this giant cannibal who wouldn't let him out of his cave, as a result Odysseus had to get him drunk to later stab him in the eye, to get out of the cave, which eventually got him mad and as a consequence a curse was made upon Odysseus on the name of Poseidon.
Odysseus next arrives to the Aeolus Island, land of the Wind king, who granted him 2 gifts: a bag of good wind and the other bag with "bad" wind, which Odysseus’ curious crew mates opened and were sent back to the Island, once they had left.
During this adventure, The Laestrygonians threw large rocks at the Ithacan fleet, destroying and sinking 11 ships that had entered their harbor, killing many of Odysseus' men. Odysseys' ship was the only one who survived the attack.
Then, the ship with 45 men was sent to Aeae the mysterious land of Circe the witch. Half of the crew was sent to explore the island, when these men met Circe all of them were cursed and turned into pigs. When Odysseus knew about the curse he immediately talked to Circe, which told him she would revert his men into humans if he would visit Tiresias in the Land of the Dead.
When arriving, Odysseus was to give the seer a drink from the blood of a black sheep, so the ghost could provide him with the prophecy. The seer told him, if he and his men wished to return to Ithaca, they must not eat Helio's of cattle on the island of Thrinacia.

Here, Odysseus ran into his mother who had died but Odyssues was never informed about. He also meet with Elpenor, one of his crew members who had died in Circe's island, and was told to go back and bury him properly.
Odysseus went back to Circe's island in Aeae in order to bury his friend Elpenor, when talking to Circe once more, she revealed his course and advised him how to avoid each future danger to come.
One of the danger's Odysseus and his crew faced were the sirens, which they had to avoid in order to not be killed by their beautiful singingby using wax in their ears. For this, brave Odysseus wanted to hear their singing so was tied up in the boat, to avoid being killed.
After passing the Sirens, they now encountered 2 dangers. Circe had advised Odysseus that he couldn't avoid both. If he sailed near Scylla he would lose only six of his men, but if he sailed near the Charybdis, the force of the whirlpool would destroy the entire ship. Therefor Odysseus followed Circe's prudent advice, and chose to sail near Scylla, who snatched and killed six of his men,
Next, they reached Thrinacia, the island of Helios, god of the son, where he kept his sheep and cattle. Both, Teiresias and Circe had warned Odysseus to leave the sheep and cattle unharmed. Even tough, those left from the crew, disobeyed this order and ate Helio’s cattle, which only lead to Helios end with their lives.

Thereafter, Zeus avenged Helios by dashing Odysseus' ship into a storm, in where only Odysseus survived and drifted him to Charybdis and after ten days, to Calypso's Island, completing the prophecy.
For 7 years Odysseus was held captive by gorgeous Calypso in her beautiful island. Odysseus had been living with her all these years buy yet still missed her wife Penelope. Therefore, Zeus sent Hermes to tell Calypso to release Odysseus. and even so she helped him build a raft that he sailed for 20 days before landing on Scheria, where there he was helped to return home.
Once Odysseus arrived to Shceria, he was welcomed by The King Alcinous, which Odysseus later told him about his 10 years of the Trojan war and his 3-year adventures “lost at sea”.
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