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Admins YC Prezi

Introducing the new menu for the ACPS Food & Nutrition Services

Moss Crutchfield

on 1 April 2016

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Transcript of Admins YC Prezi

New Line Labels
New Signage
Website support!
Thank you!
Taco Salad
Chef Salad
Soft Taco Meal
What's Unique for YC?

Buchholz Before 'Your Choice' Program
Before Your Choice...
Open & Inviting
Cheeseburger Meal
Fruit Salad
Improved Packaging
Sandwich boxes
Munchie cups
Salad platters
New Equipment; New Concepts
Fresh, seasonal fruit

parmesan cheese & pepper shakers
black granite Pizza Stone
Mesh Baskets
in silver & black
Standing menu display
with customized signage engages stuents
silver ice bucket
New Equipment; New Concepts
Marketing materials
Culinary training
Improved Tools
More efficient production & planning training
Cooperative feedback
Website resource
Continued Managerial Support
Improving our image through Standardization & Re-Branding

Student Testing Councils used to improve quality, consistency, and service.
Your Choice... Fresh! Program
Program Results
Bold design for a bright, inviting, & youthful environment
Presentation is Clean & Inviting
Student-Focused facing & placement
Pizzeria-style round baking pans
Salad-Bar style icewells
Garnishing demos
New Equipment; New Concepts
Results of Program
Begun May, 2011: BHS, NHS, GHS
Begun September, 2011: SFHS, EHS, KMS
Alachua County School
Food and Nutrition Services
Portioned Cups & Bowls with LIDS!
More options
Faster service
Moss Crutchfield
Increased participation
Consistent product and service
A pleasant environment with a professional staff
Better use of resources to enhance student foodservice experience

We don't just sell meals,
We sell
Service & Sustenance
plenty of great choices
Improved lighting
Student Testing Councils
Your Choice Video &
Song "Eat Better, Live Better"
Advertising copy
Morning announcements
School newsletters
Food Photos
Media Kit
30% increase in daily meals District-wide
a jump from 6k to > 9k meals per day

Caron Rowe
Menus for Lunch & Breakfast:
3-week cycle offers faster rotation
& better product utilization
Presentation, packaging & signage communicates more effectively
Enhanced customer service expectations
Batch cooking for fresher appearance

Raising the bar on school food service!
2012-2013 SYdata for secondary sites
New Approach
On the serving lines:
No plastic wrap
No parchment paper
No sheet pans
Restaurant Styling
Colorful patterns & posters
Framed line labels
Acrylic line-topper
Dark ceilings & prismatic light
Munchie Cup
Two menu displays
Standard layout and size

Colorful border
Featured item photos

Daily menu, offerings,
specials and a la cartes

"Eat Better, Live Better"
the Your Choice 'theme song'
Secondary Schools for 2013
fun & attractive
easily served
two sizes for
fast portioning

Maintained daily as a
communication resource.
Live calendars,
download links, and info.
website & app
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