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Bridget, Haylie, and Skyler

No description

Sally Barker

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Bridget, Haylie, and Skyler

Treaty of Paris
Ended the French and Indian War

Sugar Act
April 5th, 1764
Parliament passed this act to tax sugar, wine, indigo, and molasses
March 1765
Taxed documented products like books and newspapers to pay off debt
Townshend Act
Passed by parliament in 1767
Taxed imports from foreign lands
Committees of Correspondence
Organized meeting to encourage opposition to Britain
Boston Tea Party
Stamp Act ended a Declaratory Act began
First Continental Congress
September 1774
Meeting to discuss bocotting
Battle of Lexington
battle with only 80 Americans and was a threat to freedom
"The best road to progress is freedom's road" ~JFK
Bridget, Haylie, and Skyler
Proclamation Line of 1763
The imaginary line that prevented colonists from settling west
Prevented conflict with the Native Americans
Quartering Act
April 5th, 1764
Parliament passed this act to tax sugar, wine, indigo, and molasses
Stamp Act
Declaratory Act
Passed by Parliament to show they controlled the colonies.
Boston Massacre
Out break against rebels and red coats
Tea Act
British taxed colonists for tea
Intolerable Acts
Punished Americans for lost tea
Second Continental congress
Declaration was discussed
Encouraged colonists to support a Republican Government
Battle of Bunker Hill
America ambushed the British army lead by Thomas Gage
Red Coats retreated
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