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Digital Book Report: And Then There Were None

A digital book report for the book "And There Were None," a book by Agatha Christie.

r dawis

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Digital Book Report: And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None: A book by Agatha Christie Characters:
Mr. Justice Wargrave Vera Claythorne Captain Philip Lombard Emily Brent General MacArthur Dr. Armstrong Anthony Marston Mr. Blore Mr. Rogers Mrs. Rogers Minor Fred Narracott Sir Thomas Legge Inspector Maine Setting Place:
Indian Island When:
Post WWI Era Plot Exposition Rising Action Peak Point Falling Action Resolution Theme Reaction The introduction is basically
an overview of the characters.
It also links the characters to
Indian Island. Everyone meets on
the boat heading to the island.
It also introduces the rhyme which presents the method of death for each character. The action starts when Anthony
Marston is killed by cyanide in his
drink. It then escalates when Mrs. Rogers
dies, as the remaining characters see that
the deaths are not accidental. When the judge
died, everyone began to panic because the judge
was trying his best to get everyone to look
innocent by depriving them of the weapons. The peak of this story was when
Vera takes Philip Lombard's revovlver
and shoots him with it. When she finished,
she hung herself with a rope that was set
up for a hanging. This was vital because it
supposedly showed the killer of the story. The decline of the story occured after Vera's
death. The police arrived at the island too late
to save anyone. They were not able to find any
motive to killing anyone on the island. In fact, they
weren't able to find any trace of how some of
them died. The resolution was a manuscript found by a fishing
trawler. It showed motive and how they were killed.
It also happened to tell who killed everyone. His name
was Lawrence Wargrave. The theme of the story is betrayal.
Everyone on the island went insane as
someone kept killing them one by one,
causing the survivors to become suspicious
of the other survivors. Betrayal shown in
this story is shown when no one would
trust anyone and would do anything to
make someone else look like the killer. My reaction to this story was me ending up puzzled about the story.
I found this to be a very odd book as the
main killer was not in the main story. As a
mystery, you actually have to look in the epilogue
to figure the mystery out, instead of finding it
in the last chapter or two. Also, the story didn't
change my outlook in life as the actual plot was
really about the rhyme. This story was predictable
therefore, not that great to read. Trace: Philip Lombard Philip is a dynamic character as the story progresses. In the start of the story, Mr. Lombard is payed to watch the other characters for an unknown reason. He is suspicious of everyone as soon as he got on the ferry heading to the island. Then, when Marston died, he assumed that the doctor poisoned him. After Mrs. Rogers died, he started speaking his mind about the doctor. However, when the doctor and the judge said that he had his revolver to kill more people, he became
very defensive about himself. The doctor and Mr. Lombard were almost rivals, suspecting each other and pointing facts out.
Lombard's character changed from suspicious in the beginning to fierce near the middle point, then to reckless at the end. Isaac Morris
Major Characters

Justice Wargrave
Vera Claythorne
Mr. Rogers
Mrs. Rogers
Anthony Marston
Dr. Armstrong
Mr. Blore
General MacArthur
Emily Brent
Captain Philip Lombard

Minor Characters

Isaac Morris
Inspector Maine
Fred Narracott
Sir Thomas Legge

Full time governess
Reckless driver
Ex Detective from Scotland Yard
General in WWI
Religion devout.

Drug dealer
Inspector leading investigation of murders
Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard
Attitude Towards Major Conflict

Killed everyone secretly
Almost useless, except two kills.
Scared of being killed.
Died first.
Theorized possible suspects.
Theorized possible suspects.
Not too affected.
Hostile, but no kills.

Arranged the island preparations.
Scared of Main Characters
Relationships to characters(if any)

killed everyone
married to Mrs. Rogers
married to Mr. Rogers
Policeman. Met Justice Wargrave once

hired by Wargrave
Worked with Blore
Brought everyone to island
Worked with Blore
Other information

The killer. Feigned death five. Killed everyone but Lombard. Suicide later.
died tenth. Hung herself.
died sixth. Hit with axe.
died second. died in sleep.
died first. poisoned drink.
died seventh. pushed off cliff.
died eighth. bear statue fell on him.
died third. hit in the head with a blunt object.
died fourth. poisoned with syringe.
died ninth. Shot by Vera

set Lombard up.
Somewhat like the Ferryman of the river Styx, Charon.
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