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Kootenay Canal Dam

No description

Ariana Marchi

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Kootenay Canal Dam

Kootenay Canal Dam
Construction of the Kootenay Canal Power development began in 1971 and was completed in 1976.
Kootenay Canal is located 19km down stream of Nelson BC, where the Kootenay river flows out of the reservoir formed by the Corra Linn Dam on Kootenay lake.
Power House
The Power house houses 4 turbine-generator units with a combined maximum power of 580 MW. The power generated is then fed into BC hydro's provincial grid system via two lines running south to the Selkirk Switching station.
Lining Upgrade
In september of 2014 the canal underwent a 10 million dollar lining upgrade to expand the lifespan of the dam 50 years. It was upgraded with a extremly durable and specialized geotextile material.
The water way that feeds the generating system is 16 500 feet long, a water depth of 50 feet and a water flow of 27 000 cubic feet per second.
Interrconection in the Kootenays
Aerial View of the dam
How does a hydroelectric dam work?!?
A hydroelectric dam works by converting moving water into electricity. The flowing water turns the blades of a turbine and converts it into mechanical energy. Which travels along power lines and into your home.
Influnetial hyroelectric dams around the world
-Niagra Falls•USA\Canada
-Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP•Russia
-Bratsk HPP•Russia
-Hoover Dam•USA
-Aswan Dam•Egypt
BC Hydro
BC hydro is one of North America's leading source of clean, renewable energy•Victoria gas company was founded in 1945 which later would become BC hydro•BC hydro is responsible for 47 dams in BC. Dams include Hyrdro, Thermal & Diesel.
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