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No description

Colin Beagrie

on 15 November 2017

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Transcript of RGU CLOUD

RGU Cloud is a service intended to provide access to compute resource which can be consumed in different ways by departments and services in the University, including:

ITS - for core IT Service provision
CSDM - Core SCDM Service provision (specialist for T&L)
Primarily, but not limited to CSDM - additional services to support generic work of PHD and other Post Graduate projects
Digital Incubator Hub – Services to support the sanctioned and supported projects
University wide - Sanctioned Research Projects.

RGU Cloud - What is it?
Who Supports RGU Cloud?
School of Computing Support Team will look after all School requests and we expect this to be the bulk of them
Here's the Sciencey Bit...
Vetting Process...
...to keep an eye on resources
Access to Windows or Linux Virtual Machines from pre-built templates

Build VM's which can have customizable CPU, GPU, Memory, Disk, Operating System Resources as necessary.

Render machines for 3D modelling

HPC environment

Short term access to "standard" compute services will be available at no cost

Research projects will pay for more “permanent” access through a projects lifetime.
What's available currently?
They say always start with a Joke...
....Ha Ha
The small print
**Note: For Software and Application support IT Services will only assist in ensuring that the server and virtual machines (VM's) are available and accessible. It will not be possible to provide support assistance for individual packages and software under normal circumstances.
So, whats next?
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