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Ancient Egyptian Medical Timeline

By: Wallaadah B, Francisco V, Te'Azsa Dash

TeAzsa Dash

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Medical Timeline

Ancient Egyptian Timeline The first earliest known
surgery to be performed. 2750
BC 1550
BC Imhotep wrote about the diagnosis and treatment of 200 diseases.
He was known as the "first" physician.
After his death he was known as the God of Healing. Edwin Smith made wrote a papyrus. It was a medical "textbook" about surgeries, observations, and details (such as diagnosis & treatments). It gives helpful tips for the study of Egyptian medicine. 2600
BC Hearst papyrus was written. It tells about the urine, blood within the body, hair, and bites (like from bugs). 1450
BC Herodotus (Greek) went to Egypt and wrote about their medical practices to take back with him. 400
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