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Tarleton Student Financial Planning System

No description

K'Leigh Bedingfield

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Tarleton Student Financial Planning System

Helping students prevent and get out of debt
Department of Financial Planning
One-on-one mentoring from qualified professionals
Department of
Financial Planning
A department within Career Services to help students prepare and manage their debt and personal finances
Provide free workshops for students
Create internships for students
an in-depth analysis of a student's finances and teach them how to manage it.
What could be done by Tarleton State University to improve students’ personal finance management skills?
Tarleton has...
Financial Planning 101
criteria Needed
What will help Tarleton students prepare for their future expenses and investments?
What's the problem?
With Career Services & Financial Aid
Financial Literacy 101
Open to freshman students only
General budgeting skills
No personal interaction between students and professionals
Preparation for professional career
Accessible to ALL students
Qualified professionals to advise students
Ability to teach critical money management skills
Face-to-face mentoring individually
Department in conjunction with Career Services
Personal Finance class
Tuition is rising
Due to expenses, it takes longer to graduate
Students take on more debt than they should
Students are unprepared to pay back their debts
Students are not taught how to handle personal finances
Financial Literacy 101
Personal finance class
Two classes (101 and 301)
For business majors
Not open to all students
Don't borrow to live
a lifestyle you want

Benefits of Financial Planning Department
Will give students the capability to become truly successful
Could increase the standards and expectations for Tarleton students
Successful students = new faces of Tarleton and potential donors
Could create employment and internship opportunities for community members and students
Disadvantages of Financial Planning Department
If paid for through student service fees, it would ironically, increase tuition
It would take an extensive amount of time and money to implement
Student could potentially not care enough about their finances to use this department
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