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Discover Georgia

No description

Mariam Nozadze

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Discover Georgia

The Peach state
Georgia on My Mind
Coca-Cola Factory
Atlanta Braves
The Falcons
Sweet Tea
Stone Mountains
The Country Not the State!
So yes, there is a country named Georgia and I'm going to tell you more about it. This is an effort to try and show you around! Hope you enjoy!
The Republic of Georgia
Located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe.
Capital is Tbilisi.
It's the size of South Carolina.
Head of state is president.
Own language - Georgian

So, what do you know about Georgia?
White-Sign of Innocence and Purity
Red-Bravery, Justice and Love
Coat of Arms
Culture is a Tree
The things in a culture that we can see, like: architecture, traditional dances, language, cuisine.
The values and characteristics of a culture that you have to experience yourself, like: education, customs, hospitality.
Strength is in Unity
School is 12 years
In the same class everyday
You don't pick your classes
Different schedule everyday
More homework
Shorter school day
High school is separated from middle school
Classes may be in different buildings
You pick what you want to learn!
Less homework and easier quizzes
Longer lunch
Georgian Food
Fast Food in Georgia
McDonalds in Batumi, Georgia
Fast Food in Georgia rare.
Fresh food is cheaper!
People prefer to eat indoors, with family
Spending Free Time
Walking around the city
Spending new years eve together
Winter sports!
Summer Home
The Black Sea
More than 2000 mineral waters
Architecture of Georgia
Folk Dances!
Each province has different dances
Things that might seem weird!
One person pays for the other in transport/restaurant.
If you are invited somewhere, you eat whatever is served.
Guests receive special attention!
Thanks for your attention!
Georgian Sports
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