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Laotian Death Culture

No description

Manivanh Xamountry

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Laotian Death Culture

Laotian Death Culture
Death Beliefs
The body is cleaned by family and close friends, then put into the coffin
Males close to the deceased will shave their head and eyebrows becoming monks. Females tie up their hair and wear all white becoming nuns.
They both do the "baci" ceremony which wards off any evil spirits present.
Everyone who is not an immediate family, monk or nun are to leave where the body is
Monks, nuns, and family members pull the coffin by white strings
Monks go first, nuns second, and others follow once the body has passed them
Everybody will put food, water, and other items in the coffin before cremating the body
After the body is cremated, Laotians cleanse their hands with purified liquid and return to the deceased house for one last prayer
Past and Present
Body is guarded by males to protect the body and stay awake with them before the funeral
Body is also watched to see if people will come back to life
Close male relatives slept in temples with the body
Intresting Facts
Pregnant women are not allowed to go where the deceased lives or during cremation.
Children are to be omitted throughout the whole process until after the funeral
No one is allowed to bring any type of noodle to the "huan dee" because of sins.
Women that are menstrating can't go at all
Laotians believe in reincarnation
They cremate the deceased and ashes are spread so the spirits rise to heaven
Laotians that are ill are to read the Buddhist scriptures or have them be read to them before death
Food is laid out for the picture of the dead
People that arrive to the "Huan Dee" give money and food to the families
All wear black to be respectful
People are not allowed to bring food in or out of the huan dee
Laotians will tie strings around others wrist to wish them well throughout their life
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