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Chemistry Lesson on Density

Michele Weinhouse

on 12 March 2010

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Transcript of Density

Students will select a chemical physical property they will research on the Internet
They will put together an experiment that demonstrates that chemical physical property
They will document that experiment in a Powerpoint presentation
They will use that presentation to teach the rest of the class about the chemical physical property
It's Your Project!
Have Fun
With It!!
Here's an example
of the assigment
Michele Weinhouse
Do Your Research
Helpful Websites
PhEt Simulations -
The Dynamic Periodic Table -
The Virtual ChemBook -
Kathy Schrock's Link to ClipArt -
Son of Citation -
After students complete this project they will have met these NETS standards!
1. Creativity and Innovation
2. Communication and
3. Research and Information
4. Critical Thinking, Problem
Solving, and Decision Making
5. Digital Citizenship
After students complete this
project they will have demonstrated
the following performance indicators:
Design and develop a Powerpoint presentation related to curriculum content to be presented to other students. (1,4,5)
Select digital tools or resources to use for a real experiment and justify the selection based on their efficiency and effectiveness. (1,6)
Employ curriculum-specific simulations or video to practice criticl-thinking processes. (1,4)
Analyze the capabilities and limitations of current and emerging technology resources and assess their potential to address personal, social, lifelong learning, and career needs. (4,5,6)
and Teach a Basic
Chemical Physical

to Teach Students

Exceling at NETS
for Students
Grade Level 9-12
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