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Chapters 11 and 12: Extreme Weather and Land Use in the Amazon

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Bryan Poepperling

on 1 February 2017

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Transcript of Chapters 11 and 12: Extreme Weather and Land Use in the Amazon

Unit 3:Latin America

Chapters 11 and 12: Extreme Weather and Land Use in the Amazon

Mr. Poepperling
Standards and Objectives
1. Explain how extreme weather can occur in the Caribbean Sea

2. Explain how a hurricane forms

3. Describe what happens after six different interest groups
invade the Amazon Rainforest for resources
Islands in the Sun and Extreme Weather
Understanding Weather
Inside a Hurricane!
Beginning, During, and After
a Natural Disaster
SS.912 G3.2, SS.912 G6.2, and SS.912 G6.4
Ticket out of the Door
Ch. 11
The Amazon Ecosystem
What Native Amazonians and Rubber Tappers Want
What Loggers and Settlers Want
What Cattle Ranchers and Environmental Groups Want
Ideas for Reducing Land Use Conflict and Preservation
Ticket out of the Door Ch. 12
The Caribbean islands stretch in an arc from the tip of Florida to the northern coast of South America
A hurricane develops in four main stages.
1. What conditions must exist in the atmosphere for extreme weather to occur in the Caribbean Sea?

2. What must happen for a hurricane to be created? (list the steps in paragraph form)

3. Why is a hurricane's path unpredictable?

The Amazon Rainforest

- Who tracks hurricanes?
- Logging companies began moving into the Amazon basin during the 1960's to harvest trees from forests for wood and paper products

- What is the logger's argument for clear-cutting the rainforest?
In rural areas of Brazil, poor people settle in the Amazon looking for land to farm

- What problem do settlers face in the Amazon?
- Since the 1960s cattle ranchers own large areas of rainforest land they use for allowing their animals to graze

- What is the rancher's argument for continuing their cattle business?
- Environmental groups have worked for many years to attempt to slow the clearing of the rainforest

- What do these groups want with rainforest development?
1. Write two paragraphs explaining how each of the six interest groups use the Amazon rainforest, and how the resources of the Amazon can be preserved.
(use ideas for reducing land-use conflicts)
Caribbean Sea
Gulf of
- After looking on the map on pg. 165, name three countries that are in the Caribbean
- What is the climate like in the Caribbean?
Many types of extreme weather hit the Caribbean, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves and storm surges
- What is the most extreme form of weather in the Caribbean?

- Where does our knowledge of extreme weather come from?
Weather doesn't happen by itself...it is the product of natural forces working together, like a machine - (Sun, Earth, Atmosphere)
- What does the sun have to do with weather?
- What does the combination of air and water have to do with extreme weather?
- What is El Nino?
- Throughout the tropics, the weather can be extremely powerful because in these regions there is more energy from the sun to warm the air and water
- What are tropical cyclones?
Stage 1: Tropical thunderstorms begin the process

Stage 2: Thunderstorms come together
to create a tropical disturbance
Stage 3: The depression becomes a
tropical storm

Stage 4: Tropical storm becomes a

Parts of a Hurricane!
A hurricane is made up of three main parts:

1. The eye
- Calm spot at the center of the storm

2. Eye wall
- Made up of thunderstorms that surround the eye

3. Rainbands
- Bands of dense cloud that swirl around the eye wall
*The exact path of a hurricane is unpredictable*
- What makes it's path unpredictable?
The most destructive feature of a hurricane is the storm surge
Hurricanes need water to keep
going, if they hit land they begin
to slow
Read the bottom three paragraphs on page 172 in your book

- For thousands of years indigenous
peoples have made their homes in
the Amazon
- In more recent times, other groups have come to the rainforest, including:

1. Native Amazonians
2. Rubber Tappers
3. Loggers
4. Settlers
5. Cattle Ranchers
6. Environmentalist Groups
- Differences about each group's use of the rainforest have led to land use conflicts
- In the 1960's the government of Brazil decided to open the Amazon basin to development

- The arrival of many newcomers has hurt the native's life. - What are they fighting for?
- Rubber tappers have lived in the Amazon for years "tapping" or collecting sap from rubber trees to make rubber products such as erasers or tires for cars and bikes

- What do they want with the Amazon?
- Ecotourism is a new type of tourism that
offers many benefits

- What benefits does ecotourism provide?

- Name two additional solutions to reduce
land-use conflicts
Tropical :)
All are located in the Caribbean Sea
- How does this happen?
- How does a disturbance grow?
- What is a tropical depression?
- How fast does wind need
to be going at this point?
- How fast does wind need to be
going at this point?
- What is a storm surge?

- What happens when
they hit land? Are their paths predictable?
Meteorologists and storm
chasers keep track of hurricanes
Create a play about your group in the Amazon!
1. Each group will read about their interest group's activity in their textbooks.

2. Groups will create a skit that highlights what their group wants!

3. Groups will present their skits to the class, and the audience will take notes on the performance.

Use these questions to guide your skit:
1. What does my group do in the Amazon?

2. Why should my group have the land for whatever we want?

3. How important is my group's service to the outside world?
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