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The United States Marine Corps

U.S. National Security Presentation

John Gargula

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of The United States Marine Corps

The Few. The Proud.
The Marines. History and Development Career Progression Boot Camp (12 weeks)
San Diego, CA or Parris Island, SC
School of Infantry
Infantry Training Battalion
Marine Combat Training
MOS training
1st Duty station
Marine Corps Institute courses
Staff NCO courses Enlisted Marines The Basic School (6 months)
Quantico, VA
MOS training
Continued professional education
Expeditionary Warfare School, USMC Staff College, USMC War College Marine Officers Organization Balanced, self-sufficient team of integrated Ground, Air, and Logistics under centralized command

MEU – 2,200 Marines
MEB – 4,000 -16,000 Marines
MEF – 46,000 - 90,000 Marines Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Ground
Command Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) Infantry
Field Artillery
Combat Engineering
Ground Intelligence Ground Communication
Administrative Logistics Judge Advocate General (JAG)
Public Affairs Command Command Structure
Department of the Navy
Commandant (USMC)
Regional Combatant Commands

203,000 Active Marines
40,000 Reserve Marines Organizational Subdivisions
Operating Forces: MARFOR, Security (Naval installations), Security (Embassies)
Supporting Establishment: Combat Development, Logistics, Recruiting, Administrative, Band
Reserve Fixed-wing pilot
Rotary pilot
Tiltrotor pilot
Air Intelligence
Air Traffic Control Aviation Technology M16/M4
M9 Beretta
60mm/81mm mortar M777 155mm Howitzer HMMWV M1A1 Abrams LAV-25
AAV-7 HIMARS F/A-18 Hornet
AV-8B Harrier II EA-6B Prowler KC-130J Super Hercules AH-1Z Viper
UH-1Y Huey CH-53E Super Stallion Marine One & Two (VH-3D Sea King) MV-22 Osprey RQ-7B Shadow Continental Marines
United States Marine Corps
First Barbary War
War of 1812
Mexican-American War
Civil War Remainder of the 19th Century
Early 1900s
21st Century The Marines just celebrated their 237th Birthday Bihary, Gargula, Rasho & Redzic Requirements
Initial fitness test (IFT)
Boot Camp
12 weeks
Terms of Enlistment
3-5 years of active duty Enlisted Impression? Eric Villerreal
Gunnery Sergeant, USMC What is a Marine? SYMBOLS - The Emblem
- The Flag
- The Uniform
- The Sword 10 week commissioning program
Test of physical and mental limits
Leadership Skills, Academic Abilities and Physical Fitness
“Few can be Marines. Even fewer can lead them.” Officer Candidate School The Emblem:
Eagle, Globe, Anchor The Flag:
Since 1939 The Uniform The Sword What is a Marine? TRADITIONS - Riffleman’s Creed
- The Marines’ Hymn
- Silent Drill Platoon
- Close Order Drill
- U.S. Marine Band
- Marine Corps Birthday
- All Marine Color Guard
- Nicknames What is a Marine? VALUES - Courage
- Honor
- Commitment
- Leadership
- Semper Fidelis
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