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No description

Louise Rudbech Klinge

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Halloween

once upon a time there was a man called jack he stole food and was very crook. One day the devil come up to jack and will take jack to Hell.
But jack will not go to Hell, So he triked the devil, who could change into any form he wished. He changed into a silver coin
and jump into Jacks pocket, and found out that jack was cheating the devil, then he saw a cross and the devil say oh no a cross
i´ve been tricked let me out i promise
that you you will live. jack say jep i tricked the devil maybe i,ll try to by more honest from now on But the Devils whises only last for 7 years. So 7 years later Jack came to the hell,
but the devil will not have jack he said try heaven, l will not have you here.
Jack said but its dark i cant see, the devil gives jack a glowing coal from heel jack put the coal in a pupkin to light his way. But Heaven will not have crooks and to this day jack
wanders back forth Heaven to Heel
with his lantern

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