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Lourdes Frontera's Family Tree

Mrs. Clark - 3rd grade

Paige Frontera

on 14 May 2016

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Transcript of Lourdes Frontera's Family Tree

Lourdes Frontera
February 1, 2007
My Great Grandparents
My Great Grandpa

Paige Beyer Frontera
February 14, 1969
Abuelo: Guillermo Frontera 1943

Abuelita: Nelida Munoz Frontera 1943
Peter Michael Beyer

Marva Lou Beyer Arkenau
Erwin P. Beyer 1899
Bavaria, Germany
Eleanor Marie Nearing Beyer 1903
Bavaria, Germany

Edward "Buddy" Arkenau 1903
Marjorie Nolan Arkenau 1900

Jose Guillermo Frontera 1919
Nilda Santana Frontera 1918

Pedro Munoz Amato 1921
Nelida Marin Barbosa Amato 1919

Roberto Manuel Frontera
May 23, 1965
Ryann Paris
October 13, 2003
This is a Coqui - A little Frog from Puerto Rico which has a unique sound !!
Lourdes' great grandparents grew up in kentucky, a land of horses.
El Yunque is the only
rainforest in North America.
My Grandparents loved to play
golf in Tomball, Texas.
My Grandparents met on the
Coney Island Water Ski team.
L Great Grandparents come from all over the island of Puerto Rico
Pedro Munoz Amato, my Greatgranpa helped
write the Constitution for Puerto Rico !!!
My Dad loved his Grandpa who taught him
how to swim :)
My Great Grandpa was named Colonel Pete, even though he was a General when he died. He was born in Germany and came to the United States when he was 4. At Ellis Island, they made him change his name from BOEYER to BEYER. He lied about his age and fought in WWI at the age of 14. He fought in WWII and served with Patton to help beat the Nazi's in Europe. My Grandpa loved horses and helped to save the White Lippizaner Stallions from being wiped out during the war.
My Great Grandmother
Margorie "Margie" Nolan was born in England in 1900. During the later days of World War I, every boy that Margie knew was killed at the Battle of the Somme in France. All her friends and cousins and uncles died between July and November of 1918. Margie's mother, sent her to an Aunt in London to help with the War Effort. Margie joined the British Army Nurses Corp and served Armistice Day, November 11, 1918.

After World War I, Margie emigrated to the United States to join her father in Kentucky. She would marry Buddy Arkenau and have 1 child, a girl, my Grandmother, Marva.

During World War II, Margie served in the Women's Army Corp for her new country, The United States.
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