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Gender Roles In Televsion Shows

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Cveta Vulcan

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Gender Roles In Televsion Shows

By: Naomi Darson, Cveta Vulcan, Natalia Berj, Michelle Poon
• In 1928 history of television began
• 1950’s television started to play a large role in every day f lives.
• People gathered around one TV to watch together.

Major Theories
• Theory and therapy which aims to treat mental disorders by investigating the interaction of conscious and unconscious elements in the mind.
• Bringing repressed fears and conflicts into the conscious mind by techniques such as dream interpretation and free association.
• Subconsciously influence viewer.
• Alter their thoughts towards gender roles in relation to oneself.
• Slowly as our generation grew to understand equality between men and woman, our televisions shows also moved away from gender stereotyping and reflects our modern thinking.
• The theory that all aspects of society serve a function and are necessary for the survival of the society
• Reflects and portrays society
• Influences the way they think and is also influenced by the way their perspectives

• The belief that men and woman should have equal rights and opportunities
• Helped to change general roles
• Evolution shown through television shows
• Modern television shows would depict independent woman were as the olden day television shows would display woman as a respectable housewife.
• For example “Leave it to beaver” vs “Pretty little liars”
- All of the characters, male and female, have equal jobs in society.
- Both genders are seen as educated, respectable people.

Leave it to Beaver:
Comparison to Real Life Content

Television impacts children.
Research tells us that the more television children watch, the more likely they are to hold sexist concepts about traditional male and female roles
Experiment that included 4 kids of the age of 4,
2 girls and 2 boys.
They were asked questions how girls and boys supposed to act.
One boy said that girls are supposed to cook, clean and take care of the kids and boys go out and work outside.

It is evident that gender roles in television have changed drastically from the past. In television today women are no longer portrayed as being the homemaker but as being independent and the breadwinner of the family. Men are more respectful to women and are more open to the women and women in today's society play roles that are traditionally for males.

Gender Roles In Television Shows
· Husband is the decision maker in the house,
· June is a homemaker.
1. Cleans
2. Cooks
Family Ties:
· Less traditional gender roles.
· Men and women work.
· Men and women take care of the home.

Roseanne is the ruler of the house.
She is the outspoken .
Dan is the husband.
He listens to his wife.

Supervising Women Workers:

The film’s title even that women need special attention in the workplace.
Women have two jobs, one at the factory and one at home.


Different from TV history because both wives were more intelligent than their husbands.

Grey's Anatomy
- First aired in 2010
- The show portrays a very strong female protagonist.
- Combines stunt fighting, intelligence, and beauty.
- The show is a positive empowerment for women.
Disney Princesses
- The gender roles of Disney Princess has significantly changed over the years.
Snow White
-The female protagonist Snow white is portrayed to be a homemaker, naive, and lacking in common sense.
- The Prince portrays the typical male roles.
- Main character Merida refuses to have an arranged marriage and conform to the norms of society.
- She fights for her freedom and wins the archery competition for her own hand in marriage.

- Mulan openly challenges the gender roles of her society.
- She saves the Emperor, her father, and Captain Li Shang the toughest guy in the army.
- She defeats the Huns.

Women had no say.
Women were weak and independent.
Man had all the power and were dominant.
Women were only house wife's.
Other Information (facts, stats and experiments)
Women now are independent and raising families on their own.
Women now have power jobs on TV such as lawyer or doctor.
Man and Women are equal.
Man don't always were the pants in the family.
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