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Mission: Spaceport America Cup

No description

Bill Hanson

on 19 October 2017

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Transcript of Mission: Spaceport America Cup

Getting Going
Some Tips
Things to Avoid
Putting things off
Not communicating
Key Events
End of Nov: Submit entry form
End of Jan: 1st progress update
End of Mar: 2nd progress update
Mid April: Deadline for entry fee
End of May: Submit tech reports, poster and podium session materials, school letters, waivers, etc.
Mission: Spaceport America Cup
Basic Stuff:
Read the rules
Understand the requirements
Plan ahead!
Scoring Criteria
Here's what matters -- 1,000 pts total:

Flight Performance - 500 pts
Target Altitude (within 2,000') - 350 pts
Successful Recovery (pass/fail) - 150 pts
Design Implementation - 200 pts
Competency (quality) - 100 pts
SRAD implementation - 100 pts
Technical Report - 200 pts
Correctness (format/editing) - 40 pts
Completeness - 40 pts
Analysis - 120 pts
Entry Form - 100 pts
Intend to win
Teach, help, and learn
Engineer -- don't build
Ready to launch at end of assembly day
Be ready to give your presentation
Sweat the details
Other awards: Tech excellence, judges choice, team spirit, sportsmanship, innovation
Above all, plan to have fun!
Competition Schedule
Conference Day - Judging Starts
Poster Sessions
Podium Sessions
Launch Prep Day
Design and Implementation Judging
Group photo
Camping at Spaceport
Thursday-Friday- Saturday:
Launch days! 0630 start
Finish 1200 Saturday
Awards Banquet Saturday night
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