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our greek dance (hasapiko)

No description

Tessa Beattie

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of our greek dance (hasapiko)

-Plays an important role in the Greek life

-dance was considered one of the most highest form of art.

-used at weddings, ceremonies, e.t.c.

-believed to help overcome depression and to cure physical illness

-Almost every dance has a story to tell
Elements of dance
The elements of dance that our dance uses/ involves is:





our greek dance (hasapiko)
-There are two distinct categories of traditional greek dances

-Springing/leaping and shuffle/dragging

-Until recently men and women rarely danced together
Our resources:

-Men are commonly at the beginning in descending order of age
-Married men come before the bachelors and likewise for the woman.
-The oldest leads the dance
-The local priest would lead the dance
symbolizing a blessing
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