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AWUBIS words

No description

Audrey Bennett

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of AWUBIS words

It makes your reader want to keep reading. Sentence variety is a great thing! Complex Sentences Complex sentences have a dependent clause and an independent clause.

What does dependent mean?
What does independent mean?

The dependent clause can come before or after the independent clause. If it comes before the independent clause, it needs a comma after it.

Independent clause dependent clause.
Dependent clause, independent clause.

Compound Sentence Subject + verb, FANBOYS subject + verb. AWUBIS Words after
as if
as long as
as though
The Simple Sentence Subject + verb.

Example: The student works.

The student works, and the teacher teaches. when
while unless
until because
before if
if only
in order that
so that Examples:

After the kids went to school, their mom cleaned the whole house.

Their mom cleaned the whole house after the kids went to school. Examples: 1. While the girl worked, she listened to her music.
2. We did not know who won the lottery until they played the winning numbers on the television.
3. Because the monkey loves the rodeo, he learned how to ride on top of the sheep dogs.
4. The entire audience was in awe as Mariah Carey sang her song.
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