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My Key takeouts from the Course

No description

Danielle Bosch

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of My Key takeouts from the Course

Week Five: Communication
Week Six : Problem Solving
Week Seven: Teams
Tech Challenge & Class reflection
Week One: Leadership Agility
Week Two
Habits of highly effective people
"You can manage your energy, not your time."
My PD goals:
1. Back myself (long term)
have the qualifications now I need to step up to the challenge
2. Time management (short term)
" You can manage your energy not your time"

Week Four: Managing Stress & Building Resilience
" The difference between winners and losers is resilience"
To be successful you need to be resilient"
Week Eight: Networking
Seeing our class network now
exciting to think about what it could become in the future.
We didn't come into our cohort thinking about developing a network. This has happened naturally and through friendship.
Week Nine: A whole new mind
Week Three: Peer Coaching with Michelle
"If I was given an hour to save the planet I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it"
Albert Einstein
Challenges & Strategies in Managing Multi-Cultural teams

Incite from Deb: Knowing and Doing gap
We are familiar with most of these concepts but what are we really doing about it.
Lots of head-nodding happening but are we effective team members?
Assuming we all think the same
Stereotypes & Prejudice
Nonverbal misinterpretations
I just had to bring some coloured pens in somewhere
Thank you all for your presentations
Thank you to Deb
Living in a dynamic world
to be a good leader we need to be open and flexible to change
multicultural work place
different ideals, personalities and learning styles
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