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Flipping the Classroom

How does flipping the classroom help you reach every student, everyday, everywhere?

Douglas Osborn

on 12 October 2016

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Transcript of Flipping the Classroom

What is flipped?
"Flipping the classroom is more about a mindset: redirecting attention away from the teacher and putting attention on the learner and the learning." ("Flip Your Classroom," Jonathan Bergmann & Aaron Sams: 2012)
How To Flip
1. Consider which flipped model may work for you and your students.
2. Create your own content or use content from others.
3. Plan to use class time differently
*speaks the students language
*helps busy students
*helps struggling and exceptional students
*allows students to pause, rewind & repeat
*increases student-teacher interactions
*allows for differentiation
*changes classroom management
*educates parents/makes class transparent
*can lead to mastery program
Why Flip?
Dr. Douglas Osborn November 1, 2012
Reach Every Student,
Any Time, Any Space, Any Place

Creating Content
Rethinking Classtime
Dr. Jackie Gerstein
1. Books, Magazines, Other Print Media
2. YouTube, TeacherTube, iTunes
3. SmartNotes, Camtasia, VoiceThread, Podcasts, Slideshare
4. PowToon, GoAnimate, others?
1. Mathematics
2. Science
3. Social Studies
4. Language Arts
5. Physical Education
6. Others
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