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Crosshatching at VCU

No description

Roy Dugayo

on 28 February 2018

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Transcript of Crosshatching at VCU

Sports and

Science and Math
Art and Music
Fun and Food
What is Culture?
There are several definitions, but we'll go with this one:
: culture
the attitudes and behavior characteristic of a particular social group.
VCU has many diverse cultures; each of which revolves around a shared value, interest, or hobby.
On the next slide are examples of some cultures found in VCU, and where these cultures are found.
Crosshatching at the VCU Compass
Roy Dugayo
Prof. Henry
Many cultures
crosshatch with each other
on the VCU Compass
These cultures rarely interact or "crosshatch" with each other outside of the Compass.
Vegan Activists
spread awareness for their cause on the Compass
Normally, these activists are blended into the other cultures and locations.
Like Beszel and Ul Qoma,
Culture in VCU is divided by geographic area
A guitarist plays a song
beside Hibbs Hall.
Normally, music people would only be found in their dorms, or at the School of Arts
Vegan Culture
Music Culture
Sports and Games Culture
Some friends pass
the time with a Frisbee
Normally, these
types of people
are found near
the Cary Street
A church activist
engages with
about their faith
Spiritual Culture/Religion
Normally, this culture is limited to their religious institutions
Art displays
show on the
Library screen
Normally, these types of displays are only seen at the School of Art
Art Culture
Students perform
on drums, emulating
an East Asian culture
Normally, these cultures are only seen in Asia, but it has crosshatched here in VCU!
Asian Culture
These are only a few
cultures that I found
crosshatched on the
Many more cultures crosshatch at the Compass every day!
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